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From credit to cash without the PIN Number

Discussion in 'General' started by ghp, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. How can I do this? I have a credit card and need to turn it into cash. What should i do set up a paypal account send money tothe account then go from there?
  2. get cash advances on your cc. or western union money to yourself
  3. Why don't you have the PIN?
  4. dont steal other peoples shit, work hard like everyone else does and you can have all the cash you want.
  5. You can go to walmart and get cash back after getting like a candy bar or something. There will be a limit depending on your card and the store.
  6. A friend of mine has a brother who owns a restaurant,whenever he's short on cash he just runs his card through and his brother gives him equal cash.

  7. i get up at 5 am evryday and break my back till 7pm.

    but anyways thanx guys so far for yalls input. anymore?
  8. It would probably just be easier to call up your credit card company or bank and tell them you need your PIN. They'll probably ask your SS# and stuff, but I'm sure they'd do it

    Then get a cash advance
  9. is it a stolen card?

  10. so do i and a lot of other people.

    but i know my pin number.......................................................
  11. not all credit cards have pin numbers
  12. Ya how can you not know your pin number... I smell something fishy
  13. my account pin has been locked. i did this due to my xgf. long story
  14. although i don't believe this wholly, because you could just get a new pin, who cares, what do i know.

    anyway, you could paypal it then do a bank transfer but paypal may stop the transaction and investigate. they're notorious for investigating transactions with even the most trivial sense of shady activity.

    best bet is to go to a wal-mart or large chain grocery equivalent and buy gum or something, and get cash back
  15. Read the fine print...cash advances are one of the WORST ways to get money... they charge ahuge fee... way worse than if you just used the card to buy something.
  16. I have to agree, Cash Advances on a credit card are for emergencies only, in the end you'll end up paying something like 40-50% interest on top of a finance charge.

    USUALLY the only way you can get a cash advance on a credit card is through the ATM with a PIN. If it's a CC issued by a major bank like Wells Fargo or B of A you may be able to go into a branch and get one at a teller, but I don't know for sure.

    You'd be better off taking a payday loan from a check cashing place, at least there you know exactly how much they're going to rape you for. $45 for a $255 loan is about the norm (meaning you write them a check for $300 post dated for a week, and they give you $255 cash).
  17. traced your ip and reported you to the local authorites on suspicion to use a stolen credit card.

  18. lol! If thats true :eek::rolleyes:.
  19. lol, wow. not high enough to believe that. you can't do that through a forum post unless you're an admin.
  20. Yes you can. Its called Exif data.

    But alas, it was only a clever ruse.

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