From bagseed to perpetual harvest: critique my strategy

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  1. First please let me state that my goal is to get the most weight in nuggets in the shortest time possible using what Ive got (isn't that everyone's goal?)

    Let me start with the specs:
    1 closet approx. 3'x1.5'x6'
    Closet has (1) 400hps easily adjustable 2-5.5 feet from surface
    This light must remain in this closet. Ventilation is good. I'm thinking this will be the flowering room though for now it's a veg room.

    1 cupboard approx. 1'x2'x2'
    This currently has nothing in it but I'm thinking I can make it into a clone room. Obviously I couldn't shelter a mother here, much less more than a few clones (I'm considering a perpetual SOG).

    The plants and the medium:
    Currently have 9 babies 2 weeks old. 6 are doing great, 2 are struggling a little, 1 is struggling a lot. All from bagseed. Could all be males (I would cry!), or could all be females (I would FRY!) :smoke:

    The plan:
    Now this is just what I've got in my head. If you have a better idea, I want to hear it!

    When the plants reach maturity, I mark each plant numerically (#1, #2, #3, etc). I then take a few clones of each plant and mark the clone with the number of the corresponding parent. I then put them all in the cupboard which by this time has been outfitted with the necessary outfittings. I then immediately switch the closet to flower mode 12/12. When sex becomes apparent, males will be butchered along with corresponding clones. Females will be allowed to flower along with corresponding clones. When clones in the cupboard reach approx. 1.5 feet (.5 foot from the lights), 1-2 clones will be taken and the parent clones then moved to the flower closet.

    Obviously it would be better to have a mother indefinitely in vegetative state and then just keep cloning her but she wouldn't fit in the cupboard and the closet must be a flower room.

    Any thoughts, concerns, tips or suggestions? I was thinking I COULD have the closet be a veg room with a mother and just move the flowering plants into my bathroom every 12 hours then back to the closet 12 hours later but the timing would be a pain in the ass and I do have a busy life.
  2. Oh yeah-- this is all soil.
  3. Investing in a timer would save you alot of stress from keeping precise timing of when giving your plants sleep. I think changing the plants every 12 hours would be impossible to perfectly keep with for 6-8 weeks
  4. I've been trying to go perpetual myself, and I have many mathematical issues.
    My guess is you absolutly need 3 rooms: Clones/Mothers/Flowering.

    Let's take the first round with a 60 days flowering strain and 4 well-vegged mothers.

    Day 1 : 4 mothers in MOT-room / 25 clones in CLO-room
    - Only mothers, from which you take off 25% of clones(A).

    Day 30 : 25 clones in the FLO-room / 4 mothers in MOT-room / 25 clones in CLO-room
    - New set of clones(B) taken off the mothers, again -25%.
    - Mothers have taken back a little, they are now 65% of what they were.
    - Clones(A) are put into flowering after rooting and a 20 days veg.

    Day 60 : 50 clones in FLO-room / 4 mothers in MOT-room / 25 clones in CLO-room
    - New set of clones (C) taken from the mother, again -25%.
    - Mothers are now approx. 50% of what they were.
    - Clones (B) are put into flowering.

    Day 90 : 50 clones in FLO-room / 4 mothers in MOT-room / 25 clones in CLO-room / First Harvest
    - New set of clones (D) taken from the mother, again -25%.
    - Mothers are now approx. 35% of what they were.
    - Clones (C) are put into flowering.

    Day 120 : 50 clones in FLO-room / 4 mothers in MOT-room / 25 clones in CLO-room / Second Harvest
    - New set of clones (E) taken from the mother, again -25%.
    - Mothers are now quite bald and you won't be able to get that 25 clones you need.
    - Clones (D) are put into flowering.

    As you can see, and this is into a zero problem formula, you will quickly get out of mothers.
    Some people get 100% off cloning, but not all. Maybe you'll catch a disease or two. Maybe you'll loose a mother. Maybe you'll have clones which will take 5 or 15 days more to be harvested.

    So there are plenty of solutions, have more mothers to get an infinite set, take clones from start and get them into the MOT-room to have also perpetual mothers.

    What I would do is go with only one strain, as you'll be able to keep on cloning plants of the same height and flowering time.
    If bagseeds means "all kind of beans", then you're going for harder or longer cloning strains, higher or lower plants (light penetration problems), fragile and hardcore strains (some will burn at nutrients, others will eat them crazy).
    I guess it would be easier to stay in the same strain to avoid any complex operation as different nutrients for each plant or different flowering time for eg.

    Also, I would consider your limited space.
    For 49 clones (7x7) in pots that will take them as long as 2 months, I guess you need some 3.5 feet square as a minimum. Maybe someone will give a better answer cause I use metric system.

    To me you need at least 3 different rooms, hold to one strain and see how much Oz you need per harvest.

    Good luck with your project

  5. Dang. Also I have a timer.

    4 mothers? I didnt know Id need that much. I pretty much just wanna smoke a 1/4 a week self sufficiently.

    As for the bagseed, theyre all from 2 or 3 bags, though the bud was good and similar and from the same source, leading me to believe theyre all 'related'. On another note, the very sickly one looked like it was doing a little better this morning. I cant wait to go home and see how my honies are doing :)0
  6. Before getting into anything, you're using bagseed. That's fine if you just want to see a plant grow, but you're looking for moms and hoping to start a perpetual harvest. In canna cultivation, genetics are the first determinate of success. Genetics, genetics, genetics. It can take a good amount of time to find a suitable mom; it doesn't happen after a single cycle. For example, if I get an individual with mom potential, I grow out is clones and the next set of clones before making a decision. There's a lot more to this...

    As for timing, it'll be much easier to plan once you zero-in on the genetics and know exactly how they'll behave in a given environment. Good luck.

  7. Thqt makes sense. Id like to just buy seeds from a seed bank but I dont want qnything like that mailed to my house and give the pigs a reason to squirt on me......... lol.
  8. This is the worst thing that can happen: you'll get a letter from customs tell you the beans were confiscated. That's it. No one will come to your house.


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