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From a social standpoint, what kind of stoner are you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by I am Vizoxin, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. By this I mean, how do you act when you are around others when you are high.

    I'm more of a "sits in the corner and laughs about everything" kinda guy.
  2. Im usually quite an outgoing stoner, but with just a few people im pretty mellow.
  3. I'm more of a mentor. ^_^
  4. lol same as you. i laugh at everything and have a lot of good thoughts in my head, but sometimes they just dont come out of my head
  5. I know exactly what you mean. Lmao, you plan this big statement and end up fucking up the words or sounding awful hahahah
  6. I'm the intelligent stoner.

    I have an IQ that places me in the 99th percentile of people, so I'm not just "stoner smart."

    But where my intelligence really stands out is my knowledge of the herb, but it can be a bit annoying at time having to deal with my group of friends, all of which fit into the "apprentice toker" class with their myths, stupid questions, and misconceptions.

    Ugh. I browse this forum too much.
  7. I'm the one chill guy in my entire group -_- just yesterday my friends began to freak the fuck out in my car because they saw a single cop, and they literally started having panic attacks in the mall parking lot. It was my weed too lol, and they completely blew my high because I had to babysit those idiots. I knew what to do though, and they literally praised me lol. Drove slow all the way home so they didnt freak, and we smoked from the hookah for about an hour or so. When they sobered up, I drove everyone down to the movies and we watched harold and kumar in 3D. They paid my ticket haha.
  8. ^
    This, is almost 100% of what happens to me. Trust me, I feel your pain, fellow enlightened one. I find many teenagers' lack of intelligence these days rather disturbing.

    And i'm only 18. It only gets better.
  9. One word : Chill.

    Depends on the weed though, sometimes ill be joking with friends; other times spacing out forever.
  10. I generally am the guru who spits out random facts about seemingly useless information. However pearls of wisdom slowly emerge from my stony tangents and cause great epiphany to those who listen.
    I'm also that guy who is stuck coming up with things for people to do so we don't veg out all day, I feel like if I don't motivate others all hope is lost. Of course the whole time my mind wanders out into this frigid life or death decision of persuading others to activate, I realize we're all really baked and sometimes relaxing is just the activity we needed.
  11. depends were i am if I'm at a friends house ill chill on the couch concentrated rolling joints but if something happens or someone looks at me funny ill laugh like crazy if I'm out some were I'm paranoid :p
  12. I could be really quiet but I'm a naturally shy guy. Nothing really bad can happen when your quiet so ill stick to that.
  13. I'm a pretty chill dude, sit back listen to whats going on but start talking to me and that conversation might be a lil crazy
  14. Humble. Intelligent. Outgoing.
    I don't dress like your stereotypical stoner, so if you don't know me, then you can't automatically infer I smoke.
    So, when people are talking ignorantly and simple uneducated about the herb, I don't even try to correct them. I just facepalm and think in my head, jesus christ.
    I don't care much about what others care or know about me, I do what benefits myself and my close friends.
  15. if im with close friends or people who i have smoked with a lot before i feel comfortable and just smoke and chill with em. if im smokin with like random people i met thru my friends i usually end up just keepin to myself. i dont like strangers, at least not until i get to know them well
  16. haha this exactly like me. besides the 99th percentile lol.

    i'm also the guy that is constantly grinding more bud or packing another cone while everyone is spaced out of their fucking minds.

  17. Mellow, spacey, with sudden intervals of lucid intelligence. Like when, after being so stoned that I couldn't even put words together, out of nowhere I gave my friend a 10 minute explanation of the neurochemical processes that THC generate in the brain. I'm not even sure I could explain it that well sober.
  18. I'm the guy that mixes up words to make shit sound really funny, but can also have a really serious discussion on an intelligent topic. I am also the guy that runs into poles at night
  19. Usually very mellow, just kinda laughing and enjoying whatever is going on. Sometimes I have an issue with being overly alert in certain situations. Like my friends will hotbox, then blast their music with the windows down at like midnight in a neighborhood. And I will always be telling them to turn it down. They all say its annoying, but I doubt they'll be saying that when a cop rolls up on them because a neighbor was pissed off from the noise :smoking:

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