From a Paradoxal Mind.

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  1. Impractical Reality
    Fermented dissolution of warped memories
    Hope and trust nothing more than sedimentary
    Abused and re-used, cursed thy blackened sun
    Burning flames of sodom, in which I have become

    Hades amongst the will and grace
    Mournful cries, so deep in such a serene place
    Completeion, totality, all never true
    Silent torment amounts to all the due

    A debt for sorrow, interest of pain
    Let the vultures play their twisted game
    Forseen future, unlocked shrines
    Undoubtedly cruel in a hardship of times

    Conformity, refuse and deny, point of blasphemy
    Dishonoured and lost amongst a silent tragedy.
    Confinement within the self, a twsited shape
    Lost and dazed, left to feel out of place

    Strungout, thrashed and worn
    Reality and illusion, the barrier torn
    Disheartened excuses, explanations multiply
    Disharmony within a seemingless cry

    Exponential rejections, degenerate mind
    A probable consequence, unreality, one of a kind
    Blackened sun, dulled day
    A lost soul, confused, indulged, fading away

    Solitary Miscommunication
    Totality, a fierce remorse
    Let death seep in and work its course

    A definition which speaks no truth
    A horrificn manifestation, no absolute
    Astray runs my mind, limitless perception
    Blinded by fear and social rejection

    Upon the night I seek out the truth
    Enabling the continuation of live without you

    Exrapolated thoughts, an intrapolate condition
    Painlful mourning of secreted vision

    Misanthropy turns to extravagant gain
    No intuition of a life lived in vain
    Inhebriation of my lost hopes and dreams
    Crucifixtion as I am lost within my screams

    Slowly departing amongst my distorted conception
    Used and abused over lack of perception

    Visions embedded of a lifeless strain
    No more to lose, and nothing to gain
    Fear of entraptment for a lack of scornful dreams
    Outslide looking in at what the truth so obliviously seems

    Hole-riddled and never-more
    Withered down beyind the core
    Diseased my mind, fatlity is me
    Will I ever discover the truth and finally be me

    Never again, Your force-filled illusions to show, you feed off my pain, feed off my life.
  2. i love impractical reality dude. great work.

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