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  1. So me and a buddy just got done smoking a bowl at the sixth whole at my local frolf course. We went to the pavilion to sit down because we were both too lazy to start frolfing right away. Anyways there is alot of trees and different colored leaves for an awesome time, their is also alot of squirrels. So out of nowhere a dog a big ass dog starts to creep up on 2 little baby squirrels. He was one smart ass dog because when ever the squirrel looked at him he would stop walking. I have never in my life seen a dog more focused on anything. We watched this dog creep on these squirrels for what felt like a few hours but was really about 10 min. And the squirrels got up the tree before the dog got them, it was soo entertaining to watch,
    Stay up :smoke:
  2. thats kinda a funny, that dog was straight creepin.
    wtf is frolfing?
  3. frisbee golf!
  4. Frisbee Golf. :D
  5. Haha that dog seems like it was having fun.
    Never heard of frolfing until today, seems interesting. :smoke:
  6. The entire time I read this I was just laughing at the world "frolf".
  7. I've only played once but I wasn't very good on Xanax and some other unmentionables. :D

    It is pretty cool though.
  8. Haha well you dont have to be good at something to have fun.
    Sometimes the fun when you are laughing at how much you suck at whatever game you're playing.
  9. Yeah, well how about that dog! haha
  10. We had it my freshman year of highschool in gym, it was probably the best month of gym minus bowling. And hockey, shit. I miss gym, that was fun

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