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  1. Hello all!

    I'm Frogston, from a place in western Europe where we used to have a relaxed view on cannabis but where you now face prosecution and possibly eviction if you get caught with even a single scrawny plant.

    In my younger days, when Kurt Cobain was still among the living, I used to partake quite a lot, me and my friends had lots of fun. Some of my best teenage memories are from 'sessions'.

    I quit smoking tobacco some 15 years ago and haven't touched mj since. Well, until now.

    I have some medical issues (back issues and mild anxiety which I believe are stress related) so this year I decided to do a few grows to see if mj could help me with these. Earlier this year I grew a 60% sativa auto in just soil under a tiny 10w LED. I used GHE Flora nutes. The grow went well enough, had some issues with nute burn and overwatering but was able to correct this. I got 10 grams dried off of that one which was not too bad I guess. I got myself a vaporizer too, Extreme Q.

    Tried some of my first harvest the other day which is just about finished; cured it for 3 weeks. Vaped 0.1g at 180C. It got me high but didn like it. I had the usual physical symptoms I remember from the past (having the feeling your forehead is HUGE etc) but no relaxation and no giggles but a sort of gloominess. Also had some kind of obsessional thoughts; a certain song was repeating in my head over and over again. Went to bed and had weird dreams. All in all not a very pleasant high.

    I now have a high CBD medical indica strain in my tent; put her to 12/12 3 weeks ago, in early bloom now. Upgraded my lamps. Looks like I have a new hobby :)

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  2. Welcome to GC. Your plant is looking good, how many cfls are you using?
  3. Well done, friend! Enjoy the new hobby. Just doing that, alone, would help with stress, anxiety, etc. Good luck and welcome!

  4. I use 2x 18w LEDs with E27 sockets and 4x 23w CFLs (2x 6500K, 2x 2700K) to add a bit of light from the sides, totaling 128w in a 2 x 2ft tent. This seems to work well. I have some temp issues when the ambient temp goes above 75F but the plant doesn't seem to mind.

    For this grow I mixed my own growing medium (25% perlite, 75% organic garden soil) and switched to organic nutes. I also use a growing bag instead of a pot.
  5. Did a ghetto scrog today; not that it's needed but wanted to get my feet wet. Looks rather huge in the picture because of the perspective, she is quite small still. She is starting to absolutely reek!
  6. Plants are looking nice. Welcome to GC.

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