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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by lacrossestar, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. First off are you really a botanist i am majoring in that also i live in the southeastern US and i was wondering what should i do to get and prepare my soil with and what should i fertilize with because i want the biggest healthest plant so if ya could just fill be in thanks..........
  2. first off, yes of course im really truely a botanist. by training im a taxonomist but now i do field ecology mostly. and i dont think there is a better major out there than botany. but ur gonna have to work for it. lots of premed's in there and biologists are usually a pretty smart bunch to begin with. hard to get thru programs and even harder to get good grades.
    and yes i took 3 years of chem and 3 years of latin as an undergrad. so good luck.

    as to soil prep. that isnt sumthin ur gonna learn in botany class but take some hort or ecology and ull get the jist of things. i also had 2 years of soils science.

    moral of the story when it comes to soils is...

    good airation and good amount of organic matter.

    i dont know ur soil type but...

    go to home depot and buy some potting soil. that is the consistancy that u want. if ur soil is sandy then u need composting and a little clay. ir u soil is clay, then u need the composting and some peat. adding sand to clay soil is not good. the egyptions made the pyramids out of adding sand and water to clay :)

    personally i get a soil anaylized to see what i need. they do it here for 7$. but here in my part of the world we have good soil.

    really what i look for in an outdoor grow area is a grassy area. i know the soil is fertile and as long as its not too wet, weed will grow well there. i just kill the area with roundup in the spring so the grass doesnt grow too fast and ur mostly done.

    gl my man and enjoy
  3. thanks for the response do botanist make good money and did you take any horto?
  4. no, we dont make jack and usually the botany programs dont have hort classes...
    u have to go out on ur own and get those types of classes under ur belt.

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