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Frogg's Pickups (Nova Scotia)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by frogg123, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I'm a *budding* photographer, decided to take some pics of my latest pickup :smoke:

    Will update from time to time if I remember...

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  2. looks good frogg do not hide your talents..awesome picsx...toke on....
  3. Your photography skills added something nice to the buds. Enjoy them man

    Stayyy high:smoke::smoke:
  4. nice lookin nugs dude and nice pics. keep em comin
  5. You buy those nugs from Ricky?
  6. thanks guys, appreciate the feedback :)

    SanDiegoStonerz, who's Ricky? o.0
  7. From trailer park boys.

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  8. a five year old could take those photos, but nice bud.
  9. Update #1

    Picked up some more buds, after a few bowls couldn't resist picking up the camera...



    All ground up: :smoke:



  10. Excellent! Great pictures man!! Toke on! :smoke::smoke:

    haha and that show is AWESOME!!
  11. damn looks like some way dank shit, nice dude

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