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  1. Hey all, its been a while since I've posted on here but I looking to to get new bong as my old piece has passed on recently.  I was looking at the Rooster fritted disc however I mostly take chops (tobacco/weed snaps) and am worried about a few things.
    1. I'm afraid it may be "too smooth." What I enjoy about chops in part is the fullness of the hit.  I am worried that the frittted disc will make it a very light hit.\t
    2. Gunk buildup due to the tobacco.  I was thinking about adding an ashcatcher to filter out the first run of water however I am unsure if that will make the drag excessive.\t
    3. Drag.  Am I going be struggling to get enough airflow to snap a bowl?
    Has anyone ever owned one of these that chops regularly?  Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Also looking at Mobius Matrix percs.
  3. never heard the term chops before,around here the few people that do them call them moles. that or just refer to them as a "shameful bowl" or something of the like. i wouldnt suggest the fritted for you since its one of the hardest percs to clean. 
  4. Bonging tobacco is too smooth? It makes me puke......
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    I remember about two years ago when I got my first bong. I had no weed and wasn't getting any for about 3 days and was desperate to try it out so I emptied a cigarette and put a tiny bit of tobacco in the bowl. Grossest thing I've ever done lol. I gagged so hard.
    Edit: i have a strong feeling that old school is going to edit this into something homosexual. 
  6. I made my friend snap a bowl of Marlboro tobacco. Surprised he didn't throw up but he was in pain for a while. This was the 1st time me and my friend ever tried smoking tobacco out of a bong
  7. i used to smoke poppers/chops. i found percs take away from the hit. my old popper set up was a basic straight tube, single hole downstem, single hole slide. 
    think about it dude, your mixing the batch and herb to get that head spin rush. why filter out the chemicals that give you that rush? 

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