Frightening Report Wont Sway Obama On Keystone Pipeline

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    "Just weeks after a TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded and left thousands of residents without gas in sub-zero temperatures, a CBC News investigation uncovered a 2011 report, buried by federal regulators, that criticized the company "for 'inadequate' field inspections and 'ineffective' management." The report was prepared in the aftermath of another TransCanada natural gas pipeline explosion - a 2009 blast on Dene Tha' First Nation territory in northern Alberta. It found that the pipeline in question, the Peace River Mainline, had a rupture rate five times higher than the national average and, when it burst in 2009, that particular section was 95 percent corroded. The report wasn't released until this January when the CBC obtained it, an oversight the National Energy Board chalked up to an "administrative error." The timing of the error is particularly questionable, the CDC notes..".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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    If built he should be held responsible when it inevitably breaks.
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    do you think tankers ships and trucks are safer are more sustainable?
  4. Bump bumpity bump bump bump.

    This is something that way more people should be interested in.

    Gunna cost many tax dollars, invade multiple native lands, and inevitably will break via natural erosion or Ecoterrorists.

    This is big shit

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  5. Its such bullshit that someone can be blinded by money. I wish we would just invest in solar energy

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    yup since they actually maintain those to code...we had a pipe break and our local river and eco system is fucked
  7. There wouldn't be a pipeline, or the oilsands for that matter if america were not such large consumers. I mean they consume more oil than Germany, China, the U.K, France AND Canada combined.

    If consumption was cut you force these operations to close, preventing any sort of pipeline in the first place. But will the government enact some sort of plan to cutback? Nah course not.
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    Keep an eye out for propaganda my friend.

    Comes from all sides

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  9. Naw like.. Your wrong dude. We do NOT consume the amount of oil you said in your post.

    And there was a huge multi state oil field found in the northern United States and US citizens should actually see a break in gas prices over the next few years according to the guy who buys cigs at my place that owns a company that actually does the drilling for the pipes n shit.

    Had an interesting conversation with him about fracking to but that's for another time.

    Not saying our dependence on oil is good or sustainable just. We'll all be dead before it's an issue and same with our great great great great grand kids.

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  10. Yes infact you do..that is the entire reason the pipeline is needed!!
  11. its already an issue, notice how we have some of the hottest summers and coldest winters in the past 3-4 years. Climate change is already happening

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  12. Not from an ecological standpoint.
  13. I believe In Global Warming so don't get me wrong here but I don't believe it's nearly as drastic a situation as people suspect. The earth has had significant temperature rises and drops consistently throughout the history that we know about..

    i.e the ice ages lol

    It might be the first time it's a man created temperature shift but the earth will survive. Mankind might not but again. We'll all be dead and same with our super great relatives before that happens.
    The whole point of the tar sands natural gas harvesting is the problem. Not just how its transported. In an age of cleaner energy, you think this primitive way of gathering energy by using fossil fuels would of been replaced with a more efficient and healthier method of  the  energy we use. Or do people think when it rains= the smog pollution goes away magically? MTBE is a hellofa substance. And people wonder why theirs going to be a surge in cancer in the next 20 years
    So thats the solution, just allow things to continue the way it is? Why not just demand a change? While the profiteers only care about making money regardless of hows it made and even if the planet dies, is that acceptable ?
  16. never swayed this family from fucking the world, why would the next potus give a shit?
    the release of the methane under the ice caps will kill us before temperature swings will anyways..its going to be great choking on farts to death
    profiteers prey on those in need... even if they have to create the need.
    Heres one that accepts it 1+ for cball ?

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