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Frightening Reality of Drug Tests

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by blaked, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. In my case, this has been the worst period of my life. I have yet to even share any of it here because the last thing on my mind has been the internet.

    I got caught in Mississippi at a road block with half a blunt. (I did not anticipate drug dogs and don't wear glasses so did not notice them either.) I was taken to jail and charged with possession of marijuana. I quit smoking the night I got arrested, after smoking every day (an average of six to ten times per day, depending on whether it was the week or weekend) for two and a half years. It has been three months and three weeks since I've inhaled or been around marijuana, and I'm still failing home drug tests with a 50ng/mL cut-off concentration. Granted I'm overweight, but I still know other people as big as me who didn't take longer than two months to get clean.

    The problem is--and I suppose I'm naive to think they wouldn't be so callous--that the people at the Justice Network (justice my arse) refuse to believe it's even possible for someone to fail after 45 days of abstinence. (My mother knows a woman who it took four months to pass a test.) It's obvious to me that this is not true because I have no reason to lie to myself, and my friends know I won't even allow it around me--despite the evidence that second-hand smoke does not pose a significant threat to passing a test (at least when smoking in open areas).

    I'm as scared as I've ever been. The conditions of my case are as follows: complete a drug and alcohol class (check), a negative drug screen, and $100 for court fees; if all of the aforementioned criteria are met, the charge will be dropped from my record, no probation, and I'll never have to take a drug test again. If I fail this test (which is tomorrow, by the way) I will go to jail for four months, no questions asked; and there's no telling what stipulations there will be once I get out (Drug Court, probation, etc.).

    The reason I'm so afraid to go back to jail is not only because it's a terrible place, which is a given. It's also because I just got out two weeks ago for another charge (shoplifting), which was remanded after I served seventeen days in the local jail. It was the worst experience of my life, mainly because I'm gay and happened to be wearing make-up and a purse when I got arrested. The booking officers told some of the trustees and of course they told the inmates. Needless to say, it was the most terrifying time of my life. Including physical threats from Aryan Brotherhood members who had shanks to almost being raped. I thought those sorts of things only happened in prison, not county jails.

    I hope I wasn't being too graphic, but I'm scared shitless.

    I have a bottle of Xxtra Clean, which has worked for some people I know. They say to quit smoking at least two or three days before taking the test, but I haven't smoked since I got arrested (almost four months). I think I should be okay, but there is still that lingering anxiety. I'm just praying everything will be okay, to whatever guiding force there may be in this universe. (I don't personally believe in one, but praying in general can't hurt. I'll just consider it a mantra and dedicate it to Shiva.)

    Anyone have any words of wisdom? I always come to the seasoned tokers section for good advice. Just don't tell me Xxtra Clean is worthless, because I've heard it before.. and at this point I have no other option (no $), so it's useless to hear it now. Anything moderately uplifting will do, because I'm sick to my stomach with worry.
  2. The politics from our Prison systems have dripped down to our county jails now. I figured that shit out back in 1996. In California, if you are white, you cannot eat/drink/smoke after african americans at all or you will be beat down. That's just one rule over here in the jail/prison system.
  3. The sad part here is that the guards don't care. It's scary how ignorant people can be.
  4. yea dude first time i went to county jail, 3-4 big mexicans came up to me and asked what gang i was from. and if this was my first time in county pen... i told em i dont bang and was indeed here for the first time, and this dude just clocked me across the dome i just fell str8 forward, i got up like 5 seconds later n all i remember him saying is 'yeah boy', and its true, ive only spent 25 nights in jail total, but ive seen some ruthless fuckin animals in there, and i mean animals. its barbaric. anyways, the guy who hit me turned out to be my cellmate, and i guess thats some 'ritual' they do to the 'new guy' lol, i dont know, this was as he was explaining to me, i learned quite a bit that summer sitting in prison but in the end, all i did was scam, the same thing i do outside the pen lol
    i'd collect kool aid and trade it to the negros for various opiates n benzos like oxy/hydros and xanax/valium....blacks must really like there Kool Aid alot to be dishing out the pharms, but yea, in the end, i just kept gettin happy on pills untill i was finished w/ my stint...
    so, during my stay i seen about 10 or so fights between inmates, 1 assault on an officer/gaurd, 2 white teens getting buttfucked and publicly humiliated , and a decent amount of blood shed. And now, i am scarred for life.....and wont be visiting again.
  5. I'm glad someone else agrees it's not a fun place, I kinda just feel like it's because I'm weak or something. I've never lost a fight in my life, but in jail I know I would have lost a lot of them if I had started any, lmao. I felt too vulnerable.

    It was full of the kind of people who never lose fights.

    Anyways, I'm hoping I don't go back. There is that slim chance everything will work out.
  6. Damn, bro. Best of luck to you.


    That topic WILL help you.
  7. my friend went through the same problem as you but hes short and a proper weight i suppose (5'4" and 120"). he failed a few tests (federal probation) and was sent to the halfway house where he took a drug test every day. basically he tested positive for cocaine and marijuana for a month. for marijuana it usually take 2 weeks - a month for it to be out of your system while cocaine is usually a week. maybe its because you just smoked alot for a long period of time. i'm pretty sure if you keep failing tests they will start testing for the levels of thc in your system wich will keep going down if you are staying clean. thats what they did to him.
  8. Good luck tomorrow man. I hope everything goes well and you test neg. You probably should have been working out and eating clean to hopefully clean out your system, but I guess it's too late for all of that. Only advice I can give now is don't carry a purse and don't wear any makeup if you go to jail. You are lucky to not have been destroyed in every way, verbally, physically, emotionally, from that short stint in jail. I would recommend to try and limit or remove any and all signs that you might be gay. If you are effeminate or have a lisp or carry yourself a certain way, dudes will know.

    It's a sad fact, and I don't mean to tell you how to live or to change who you are, but if you want to avoid being shanked in the back or being forced to lick the asshole of a large black fellow named Tyrone, I'd say cut the gay.
  9. why not try some of the techniques that have come up in forums here lately, like drink alot of water and take a couple creatine and b12 pills. that should help you out even on a day's notice.
  10. Oh yeah, I definitely try to act as manly as possible while I'm in there. The only downside is my eyebrows are arched and I have a female shape and long hair. When I first came in the tank some of them were already mad because they thought I was a girl, lmao.

    I go to take my drug test in two hours. Wish me all the luck in the world, please. :eek:
  11. 4 months of jail ain't bad i would shave my head if i had long hair before goin to jail
  12. cant you just ask to spend your time in "the shoe" or whatever their solitary unit is called?They usually separate gays,pedos,etc away from general population-well in prison anyway.
  13. any number of supplements can cause a false possitive

    check out the DT section of erowid and keep some hemp seed oil/flax oil/ect on hand

    if they wanna start shit you blast 'em with logical falses and claim the fuckers are out to get ya

    bitch loud enough and they should get off your back since they really don't like media attention and a slightly 'over weight' guy busted with a piss ant half blunt getting fucked with for this long is obviously harrasment

    fucking hell DUI pieces of scum sucking shit get off with warnings/shit probation w/o forced payment for probation/ect

    if a drunk behind the wheel can swing that shit why the fuck is a toker getting reamed for half a blunt?
  14. fuck jail....jail sucks for the people who see their loved ones as well that go through alot of shit in there and cant do anything about it. =(

    i hope everything works out alright for you. i wish you the best of luck.

    Lets us know how it goes.
  15. best of luck.

    If you need to cheat...

    I'd reccomend requesting a test where they will tell you exactly how many nanograms of THC are contained in your 60mL of urine. Then, ask for a test in 10 days to compare the amount of THC. It should be less then before. If you continued to smoke during the period where you claimed to be clean, then there would be a great increase in the amount of THC in your urine. If it really comes to it you can use this argument in court, and if you have a lab technician testify you will get away with it.
  17. The thing about jail is, they put you in solitary confinement as PUNISHMENT. You actually need socialization and other prisoners around you or else you might go crazy. It seems like removing you from all the murderes and rapists and fucking crazies in there would be a good thing, fucking get me away from these fuckers!, but nah bro, you need people or else you will fucking flip shit and never be the same.

    Let us know how the DT went!
  18. I just got back from the Justice Network office. It came back negative! That Xxtra Clean stuff definitely helped, because I just failed a test at a 50ng/mL cutoff yesterday, and theirs is 20ng/mL.

    I'm so happy.

    And to whoever suggested solitary.. I stayed in solitary for the first two days I was in jail (they were scared to put me in general population), and it's worse than being beaten up daily in my opinion. You have no sense of time, no sense of self, no sense of being human at all. You're merely a mind existing from moment to moment with no purpose but to keep living. I didn't eat at all when I was in solitary, I just tried to keep meditating to calm myself down. I cried the entire time. It's a hell of a lot worse than feeling physically threatened. I'd rather die than spend another day in that tiny cell.
  19. By the way, you guys, thanks for the hopeful responses. I needed some encouragement, because none of my friends thought I'd pass.
  20. Fuck yeah man! I'm really glad to hear that.

    When I was in the joint earlier this year, I saw a pretty crazy fight. It was the night I was brought in, and me and everyone I came in with were in the un-cuff zone waiting to get booked. They bring in an Asian dude from off the street, he's obviously wasted out of his skull. Since he's being a dick to the cops, they start to get him booked before us. As he is talking to the girl behind the window, one of the deputies tells him to take off his shoes so the dep can check his feet. The Asian dude says "Hold on man, I'm talking to the lady." The dep then raises his voice and says, "Sir, take your fucking shoes off right now." The drunk Asian guy, who is probably 5'6" and 140 lbs, grabs the back of the deps head, and slams it against the table. Red lights, bells and whistles, colors I've never seen before are fucking flashing all over the jail. 6-8 deps come out and start to approach him. The guy ended up taking down 3 or 4 deps before they got him, dragged him to the other side of the office (the un-cuff is on the west side, r1-r6 are on the east) where the single cells are and they beat the living piss out of him. I could see into that cell through the windows in the office, and all I can remember was watching the billy clubs come up and down in view of the window for about 15 mintues. Afterwords I saw them dragging him by his feet, and he looked totally unconscious. I assume they brought him right to the nurse. After they spent another 15 mintues cleaning up the blood off the floor, we got booked and housed.

    I dont think I have a single decent story about my two stays. I met some decent people, but all I learned is more about drugs, crime, and how to get away with them. Luckily, as I've gotten older I finally realized that the key to staying out of jail is to not do as much illegal shit.

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