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Frightening Experience

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stpl91, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. So I'm kind of embarrassed to post this, but I really need some feedback from you guys on my situation.

    So my brother and myself have partaken in almost daily usage of MJ over the past three months. We had some Afghan Kush left and decided to finish it off. We started off doing gravity bong hits as we normally do. After about 10 minutes of smoking and slowly cleaning things up I started to feel really dizzy & nervous, so I figured I'd just sit down and it'll pass. After a couple minutes of that not working, we decided to go back inside. As we started to have a conversation inside, I then realized that my hearing reception was way off. I would talk, but I did not hear my words until after I spoke them. If any of you have used a VOIP program such as Ventrillo, you know what I'm talking about. It sounded the same as voice feedback, when somebody has there microphone "open" and your voice is being played back to you. Words cannot describe how alarming this was to me, as I immediately started to mumble my words and go into what I'd like to believe was a panic attack. Luckily it was semi-short lived, but the altered perception of hearing lasted almost 3 hours.

    Now I've had a few bad experiences before, almost all of which were the first smokes after long breaks, but those were usually short-lived & I've never lost perception of reality like I did today. I'm pretty sure the reaction I had was a panic attack, but what I cannot figure out is what could have caused the hearing issue. I've been smoking for years now and I have never even heard of anybody feeling what I felt before. I've ruled out the bud, we've been smoking it for weeks now with no ill effects. I am completely stumped. Do you think it could just be that I smoked too much? I didn't think that was possible and if it is, that it could have such a profound effect on my sense of hearing.
  2. Probably just smoked too much, man. Back in the day, when I was a less experienced toker, we split 3 blunts between like 5 people and I got so high that I couldn't remember my name or anything else that happened more than a few hours beforehand.

    Very scary, I took a 6-month t-break after that.
  3. Woah sounds pretty intense. After a decent smoke I usually have to take a moment to sit down, my vision goes all, hm its hard to describe, like translucent and light spectrum like rainbow colours. My hearing gets fucked, like can hardly hear. And get real dizzy. So you probably had like a massive head rush, then a panic attack, and I dunno it retained the fucked hearing? Did you smoke on an empty stomach or after no sleep?

    Sounds like you generally just had too much, or it hit you harder than usual.
  4. I do recall my last hit being more intense than usual, as I fully exhaled beforehand & fully inhaled while taking it. Nonetheless, I thought this was worth sharing. I couldn't be around my brother during the high at all. If we started talking, I would begin to mumble and get confused again and would start freaking out.
  5. that would have acctually been tight. u should have screamed "ECHO!".

    edit-on a real note dont be alarmed. i dont know what it is when u get too high but it just throws you off. i remember not too long ago i smoked a shit load and for like maybe half hour or a hour i just couldnt hear out of my left year. felt like i had water in my hear and i couldnt hear from it. happened numerous times though..

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