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Friggin Scary

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LittleToker, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So last night I blazed (wow, really?!). It's been the first time since I had my jaw surgery that I went for it. I knew my tolerance would be 0 after over a month of not smoking in prep for surgery. But goddamn, one strong toke and I was flying. But then BOOM! Holy fuck my face hurt sooooooo bad. It felt like I was trying to clench my jaw so hard against the wires that I was going to rip the plates and screws out of my skull. I'm still scared that I may have ripped my alar stitch (holds my nose and lip in new positions). Seriously it was fucking terrifying and it hurt soooooo bad. I couldn't tell if it was my stoned reaction to a numb face or not. In the end my fear of fucking up some major surgery outweighed my fear of getting caught and I told my mother. I just told her I was having a panic attack and that explained away some of the weirdness. I love the ganj just as much as everyone else (and more than some), but I think I'll be holding off until I'm unwired. I'm going for x-rays in 10 mins so I'll see if I fucked anything up.
  2. ouch man. What the hell happened? Did you just take a puff and instantly go into pain? Maybe it is just your brain being overly sensitive or you "imagined" the pain? Wow. Im sorry to hear that, especially after trying so hard.
  3. Nah I took a puff and then about 10 mins in it started feeling like I was clenching my jaw. My jaws are wired shut and I was scared shitless that the force would rip out the plates. Plus I was so stoned I couldn't be sure that my jaw really WAS clenching or if it was just my physical/psychological reaction to a numb face and wired jaws while stoned.
  4. Upshot of all this is that I now know I can smoke my one hitter in the garage and no one will be any the wiser. Score on that front
  5. So tell us how the X-ray goes okay? And thats so weird! Tbh Im pretty sure its all psychological!
  6. .... You just had surgery. You're going to hurt. To be honest, if ash/super heated smoke hit your cuts in your mouth, yes, a negative reaction very well could and would have happened. But like you said, you felt fine and then it hit you, the pain didn't come while you were smoking.

    I think you're having this pain because of some massive surgery you had done. I've heard of people with Bronchitis smoking with no issues, and Bronchitis is formed because of the only bad thing marijuana does to your lungs: paralysis of the cilia.

    What you did was the better move though. I hope you feel better, and hopefully nothing too drastic happened last night.
  7. I will be so thrilled if the answer is "don't worry, you're crazy." I'll update after xrays and consult.

    And gtx1, the cuts in my mouth didn't hurt. The actual bones and shit did :eek:
  8. Well you could have actually been clenching your jaw and not knowing it. Like sometimes when I'm driving whilst high, my neck will start to hurt but then I realize I am actually straining/tightening my neck as hard as I can but can't tell cuz I'm high. Or I won't notice how hard I'm pushing down on the brake while waiting for the light to turn green and my leg will start to shake or some bull. Just relax next time and reassure yourself youre not clenching. Imagine and BE completely relaxed and loose.
  9. Alright, just got back from my surgeon's office. He took x-rays. Not only did I not fuck anything up, I'm healing really well. I'm so relieved I can't even put it into words. I have some numbness from nerve bruising during surgery (normal). I think that somehow the bud allowed me to finally feel all of the broken bones through the numbness, or else numbness while stoned doesn't register properly. Either way I'm gonna continue to take it easy on the bud until I'm healed a little more.
  10. tatatahahaha damn...
  11. Glad to hear you're okay:smoke:
  12. Last time I got drilled on for fillings they went and did 5 all at once... I wasn't in pain afterwards until I started to blaze, I feel like the numbing agent is nullified or begins to once you start a puffin.
  13. This is going to sound gross but I have seen videos of people after having their wisdom teeth taken out and they resorted to smoking through their nose to avoid dry caps. Maybe because the open sores in your mouth you should wait till they heal fully to until you start smoking again, but if you're only doing hitters by yourself in your garage you could cup the hitter like you do to finish a blunt or joint at the end when its hot and just suck in through your nose... would probably be best to just wait it out and get super fucked when its healed
  14. I didn't have my wisdom teeth removed. I had my bones broken in 9 places, sawed into and drilled for 13.5 hours. Completely detached my jaws from my skull and rearranged them. Wisdom teeth was cake to this
  15. Dood, did you get in a fight with a moving train or something?
  16. hahahaha, nah no cool stories like fighting bears riding sharks. I just have arthritis and a jacked up jaw
  17. Jaw clenching can happen while high, I know i do it sometime.
  18. LOL yo thats intense as hell, I thought i had it bad with a root canal.
  19. Yeah me too. One time I was freaking the shit out because I thought about what I learned in class that day, something about being punctured by a rusty nail, and your jaw locking tight. I was going crazy until I realized I was just tweaking, lol.
  20. ahahahaha, that might actually be more painful at this point. Numb as fuuuuuuck

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