Friggin Oil Companies!

Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzer777, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Hurricane in Texas..Raise the Gasoline prices for product already refined and in the ground at local pumps.. only when absolutely necessary, and starve em out until prices come down..Or we could all buy a Tesla..LMAO
  2. Ha, her in Canada shit like that would happen and then after the prices don't go down. Funny

    When gas was$100 a barrel we paid something like 99¢a liter now we're paying $1.20 for that same barrel after all the bullshit settled and prices went back down
  3. I ride an electric bike i don't have that issue.
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  4. Hell.In the US..prices go down maybe a yr later when people stop buying their crap!!..;)
  5. Atleast the money stays in the U.S not going to the camal jockeys
  6. Trump is heading to Texas..Rumor is that he is gonna blame the entire disaster on HRC..
  7. Yep, where I'm at(BC Canada) gas is currently $1.32/litre, compared to a few years back before the oil crash when oil was almost 3x what it is now, we were only paying like $1.40/litre at the very most. Its bullshit but nothing you can do, except take up biking lol
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