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  1. I was pretty baked last night...Here goes nothing

    The world is rotating extremely fast compared to how fast we move, yet we can't feel it. Similarly, lots of people abuse the earth, raping the environment for everything they can. It's those few activists and hippies that feel the movement of the earth are also the ones who save the earth. I parallel this to human friendship, and that your true friends, your true people-huggers (as opposed to tree-huggers) are the ones who are deeply effected by the rotations you go through, no matter how fast or slow they are. I quickly called the girl I love, who always yells at me when she finds out I'm doing something extremely dumb, and I told her that that's the best part about her. She doesn't ignore it, and pretend like she can't feel when I'm rotating too fast. Instead, she calls me out on it, and shows she's a true friend.

    So, to all you potheads who partake in some other things (she doesn't mind about weed, she smokes herself), make sure to thank those who yell at you because of those other things. They're the ones that care enough to watch out for yourself when you aren't

  2. Yeah, those people are chill.
  3. those people are idiots
  4. Why would you say that?

    Glad to see someone agrees

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