Discussion in 'General' started by cs_shoota, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. well, heres how it goes, i just meat a girl a while back through my friend, well i guess they liked each other,well after a while of talking, now i guess shes starting to like me... a lot, and i dont know what to do, i dont think they talked yet, they wernt going out but i dont know if he still likes her, and hes my best friend, since 3rd grade, im starting to like her, but its kinda off limits, but i want to do stuff, but i also want to be friends with him, help please
  2. alright man dont worry just roll a joint and light it up...the answer will come to you. but remember the saying
    Bros Before Hoes
  3. I KNOW, i just smokes a bowl, but its not working, god i need luvin right now

  4. simple, you gotta ask him. you gotta talk to him. just be like, hey i was thinking of talking to so and so. and if he seems standoffish or tells you straigh out what he thinks, you'll know. I wouldnt move in unless I was for sure. esp. if hes a good friend. good luck, let us know how it goes!!
  5. yep i definately agree with sensi. no games, no trouble.
  6. yup, bros before hoes dude.
  7. FUCK YA, i found out that before i even talked to him that he didnt like her anymore... and he knew she liked me, workd out great, but thenks for all the advice!! their both commin over tonight, she smoked, but he doesnt, he might try tho, hummm....
  8. hey nice!! sounds like the ugly was easily avoided :)

    well, let us know how it went :)
  9. y'know, i always wanted to be in a soap opera ;)
  10. haha nice!

    Solution reached, and your new interest SMOKES, AND you might get your BEST FRIEND TO SMOKE.....with BOTH OF YOU!

    could it have gone better?
  11. just ask him if he likes her... if he doesnt then go for it!
  12. god, if girls wernt so fucking hot id go gay right now.... just found out that she "has a lot of things on her mind" but i already knew she liked my friend....again, damn, didnt even get any...

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