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  1. This thread will consist of moments where ur hangin out with a really good friend and blazing and other friendship related topics. I have an awesome friend named Kalobe who loves weed and women. he is the best friend any stoner dragon could ever have. One time we stopped a man from attacking this woman on the subway. we saw him punch her and kalobe punched him and I pulled his pants down and everybody in the train cart then laughed at his small genitalia. it was cool:smoke:
  2. first time i think i may ever say this but...

  3. lol.

    For an entire weekend my friends parents went out of town and left him completly unsupervised. They also left their car.

    Needless to say, we invited abunch of friends over and all ended up getting drunk as shit.

    One of my very good friends, Cholo, got super drunk and eventually passed out.

    The next morning we woke up and followed a trail of breadcrumbs leading right to the bathroom, where we found him cuddling up next to the toilet.

    Gooooood shit.
  4. One that springs to mind is when I was away for the weekend with my bestfriend and her bro. We slipped away from the party in the cabin for a while smoking a few cones, we ended up spending over an hour probably just having a good deep talk. Simple yes, but a great memory nonetheless. :D

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