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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WookiesAreCool, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Background info: Friend one got caught with 12 grams, and cannot hang out with anybody or do anything, friend 2 got into a conversation with friend 1's mom and he was stoned, so now she knows, and will call friend 2's parents.

    Right now it seems my friends are giving me more close calls than myself. Two of my four major smokin friends have gotten caught in the last month. And now one set of parents know i smoke, but they were cool and didnt inform my parents. But the other persons parents are alot more likely to call my parents if he rats on me. I dont think this is fair that i might get caught because of someone elses stupidity!

    im sure my paranoia is taking over, so im not too afarid of friend 2 ratting on me, since im sure he has some honor left in him.

  2. Eh...
    If he snitches on you, he isn't your friend. Someone elses stupidity? The only way you'd get caught is if he made an informed decision to tell his parents, and that would lead back to you. If you want to be in the clear, lay low as possible. if you have stuff in your room, either get rid of it, or hide it and pray they don't find it...but if they do, you had fair warning the kid might snitch.

    If he's truly your friend and you've known him quite a few years (not 1 or 2, like 5-10 or more), you should have no issues. If he snitches on others, he may likely turn and do it to you...
    the easiest way to tell what someone will do next, is what they have done before...people follow patterns, and they learn them.
  3. Just tell em before it's too late, "Make sure you don't tell em I smoke!"

    Better safe than sorry, but don't sound like an ass when you're saying it though.
  4. apparently my friend wasnt hig when he was talkin to my friends mom, but it probably wont change the fact his parents will be notified, but he told me he wouldnt rat me out, soo i just got hooked up with 2 grams for the price of one, s im stoked for tomorrow


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