Discussion in 'General' started by Samus, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. I'm going to make a thread where people can talk about their friends, what they like to do with their friends, and whatever else. This thread is all about your homies!

    My two closest friends, Billy and Bob :p are pot heads, just like me. The first time I met Bob, neither of us smoked and laughed at everyone that did. The second time I met him ( about a week later ), I had started smokin weed and he got pissed. Well, the third time I went over to his house, he smoked weed!
    Now every Friday, we all go to Bob's house and smoke like crazy, especially since I got my own car now. We will just drive around and smoke blunts and shit, his house is really cool and nobody really cares what we do except his evil stepdad that lives upstairs. He also has a glass hooka water bong that gets up ripped all the time.
    Sometimes his older sister has meth, which we do sometimes, but I do it the least. Last weekend she gave the three of us a half a gram of crank, but I didn't do any of it, even though I wanted to, but i felt good and that I made a good choice.
    We are hoping to get the LSD or some Shrooms some time soon. None of us are really experienced with them, but we want to trip together for the first time.

    My other friends that live by me, well, we are more of acquaintances now. We never really hang out anymore, not sure why, but it kind of sucks when you lose touch with your good friends. They all have their own shit going on.

    So basically I have two friends that I smoke a lot with, and they are some of the coolest people in the world. One of us always has weed, so every Friday through Sunday we are blazed as hell... speaking of Friday..... TGIF..

    So ya anyways, show your appreciation for your friends or your smoking buddies here, because good smokin buddies deserve recognition!
  2. for the most part my smoking buddies are here, an a boy or two that usually hang on fridays, kRap todays friday probably gonna have boys over......i moved to a different state right after highschool and lost touch with those friends, my very best friend doesnt smoke my fine weed, but enjoys the brownies i make her.

  3. A lot of my friends post here....we usually just like to smoke and chill, not much else to do in this town

    But tonight me and 2 of my friends are gonna do DXM and weed...maybe go to a diner and harass people :D
  4. i have a group of 3 smokin buddies and a group of 2 and another group of 1. never toghter. its fucked up. but the best is with the first 3 because we always have shit, than we go sit in the video store parking lot and laugh at the ppl. than we go to taco johns and get 20 or 30 cinniamin thingys fuck what the hell are they called... anyway its great

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