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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NewSmokr, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. recently me or my friends would make plans, but later they would then cancel on me saying an excuse that isnt true. Today i made plans with my friend and he said he was down, so i come out and then he text me saying he couldn't because he has his relatives over and then i find out an hour later that he was out with his other friends, and a few days ago my other friends told me to meet up with them at a certain time, i go out and i call them and ask where they are and they are already out together without me, and he says "oh you wanted to chill? my bad" when he was the one that asked me to chill, then says after "do you want me to come get you?" but in a voice where hes not being serious and it sounds like he doesnt want me to come. so ever since those things happened i've been focusing more on how people treat me and re-evaluating how people treat me and it seems like all my friends do this to me and even seems like my parents treat me like shit too...i dont know if im over thinking it or everyone just hates me or something. just wanted to rant :S thanks..wish i could smoke right now to relieve myself but i cant at home :(
  2. hmmm im sorry to hear that op. you should probably confront those people and ask them what the deal is, and if theyre really your friends im sure you can work something out.

    and im sure your parents love you :love:
  3. You're over thinking it man.

    Let me tell you a secret: we all go through the same shit. Seriously. What you're describing will happen to you over and over again throughout your life. Only thing you can do is try not to let it bother you.

    Everybody has friends. Not all of those friends are good or worthwhile. It's shit like this that helps you separate the wheat from the chaff, as that dude Jesus would say :smoke:
  4. What the guy above said. It happens to us all. U need some friends thatll have ur back as much as u have theirs. Just say fuck em and dont chill with them. If they dont wanna be in your presence dont try and be. Find some new friends
  5. u have to realize like i did that everyone has there own world. every man for his self
  6. Dude i wouldnt even consider them friends
  7. [quote name='"JoshuaBr"']hmmm im sorry to hear that op. you should probably confront those people and ask them what the deal is, and if theyre really your friends im sure you can work something out.

    and im sure your parents love you :love:[/quote]

    Naw hell just look like a bitch ......
    Just stop hanging out with them .... Smoke up an GC it with us ........
  8. I have this one friend who is very forgetful and fucks up plans all the thing he does a lot, is we'll discuss doing something with him or text or whatever and tell him to reply to confirm if he's coming or not...he never does.
    So just saying OP if it's like that and it was only a loose plan without any confirmation, next time confirm - it's very annoying when this happens then the other person/s involved cop the blame.

    Not saying you did this, but just in this friend always feels like he's been done wrong by when he just can't make/hold a plan to save his life.

    I have another friend that annoys the shit out of me (unrelated) who you'll make a plan with and he'll like ALWAYS forget about it unless you call him the night before - and he'll "double book" with his other friends, none of which I particularly like or want to hang out with, seperate groups yknow?
    Though what pisses me off even MORE is if he's fucked up and made another plan like between our discussion and the day we were supposed to do it - it's like because he's made the OTHER plan more recently he doesn't want to break it with his needy-ass friends who apparently wouldn't understand that the COOL thing to do, would be to change plans with THEM...
    Fucking annoying x 2 right there.
    I even bought the guy a personal organiser - think he ever used it?

    However, as for the first situation you described - that's shitty.
    The second situation, well if it's their fault in the matter, they've forgotten or decided to leave you out or something - also shitty.
  9. This happened to me awhile back. But when i had the herb EVERYONE of these "friends" would blow up my phone. if you're a good friend, don't surround yourself with people who don't share the same loyalty as you.

  10. This is so true

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