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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushcloudz21, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. So I decided to stop smoking till 4/20, and i'm planning to do this because I just wanna be clean for a while. So when I do it later it'll feel new again, but it might even be my last. Lately my friend has been really messed up, smoking up every day and always asking if I got cash to spare. It's really not the good side of him, it's one of the reasons why I might quit, he's not the guy I used to know he just wants to be high 24/7 and he's always telling me how he want's to do shrooms and other bull shit. So what do I tell him ? I just dont want him getting caught up with hard drugs. :(

    Edit : On a happier note I watched project X tonight sick movie.
  2. Shrooms aren't really a hard drug, but dude should get a fucking job.
  3. you should trip, it will show the real side of him

  4. Straight up, I work like 12-28 hours a week and hate giving up cash and knowing i'm never gonna get it back :/ . Shrooms just sound hardcore to me or maybe didn't do my research.
  5. If ur true friends stay......

    Dude wtf ur stupid just smoke weed bitch.... and o yea get a job bumm..

    Can't tell him that ur not friends.
  6. He needs help. He's depending on weed which means he's probably addicted. Who the fuck asks other people for weed money?

  7. he's 18 no job lives with his mom, upgrading his classes idk wtf to say anymore... Been friends since elementary.
  8. Yeah that sucks when they start to move on. My friend is doing some unmentionables and he's not the same person...

    I watched Project X too it was so bomb I watched while medicated with the herb :smoke:

    I may add that I'm medicated right now too :bongin: :D
  9. Does it really? I still can't believe I've never tripped

  10. Wait so does he goto school or no?

  11. :( Sucks. Wish I did watch it medicated btw was the movie based on a true story ?
  12. What do you learn about "yourself" like I hate when people say this... be more specific what do you mean?

  13. Hahahaha no it's not :smoke: it's just a bigass party showing what could go wrong Hollywood style :bongin:

  14. I didn't learn about myself through pyschedelics, I actually learned about myself through weed.
    Ever since I started smoking, I've become a genuinely better person all around.
    Before, I was a little close minded. Stuff like, I hate fags, I'd make fun of other people for the littlest things, I was sort of an asshole to some degree, and my boredom wouldn't get cured by anything unless it was something big. I was bored if I didn't party, if I stayed in one night I'd go crazy.

    Now. I'll shake hands and respect anyone I meet. I don't judge people, because looking at myself won't tell you anything about me. I've been through a lot of shit, a lot of shit that made me have to mature faster, because I was dealing with problems a 16 year old shouldn't have to. I don't care if your gay, if it makes you happy then that's whatsup, good for you.
    I actually barely get out now. Not in a sense to where I'm a loser, but I'll go out and kick it with some buds, and then come back and crash at around midnight or so. I also enjoy just staying in and having a sesh.

    I could go on and on. And I can tell you're a close minded person.
  15. Hey man i'm coming down from my trip off an unmentionable, but trust me it's a lot different than weed and it does open you up and makes you stop being so moody all the time when your stoned and all that. Don't knock on something till you haven't tried it :hello:
  16. I wouldnt say psychedelic trips reveal anything, they just give you the key to unlock the doors, the rest is up to you.
  17. I feel your pain, man. My best friend from fifth grade until my sophomore year of college is an apathetic burn-out. Smokes weed all day, every day, and occasionally dabbles in harder stuff. He's also become a douche. I've tried to voice my concerns, but he gets incredibly defensive and makes no effort to see where I'm coming from. I've decided that he's not worth my time anymore.
  18. #18 goodseasons, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2012
    Man i'm the exact opposite of close minded, I've never actually met anyone as open minded as me to tell you the truth. You were being close minded by making assumptions of me without even knowing me
  19. Damn this thread STILL isn't closed? :confused_2:
  20. "Turn on, tune in, drop out."
    Lol, good times.

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