Friends with benefits with a pornstar?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Vicious, Jan 6, 2013.

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    My mind is just about blown right now. So my buddy and I went to the stripclub last night. It's was pretty dead which was weird for a Saturday. We were sitting in the back corner on looking the stage when this dime came and sat next time me. Easily between 8-9, perfect body but unfortunately fake tits and shes about 2-3 years older than me. She started selling herself and trying to seduce me to go up stairs for a lap dance. I told her I was here on my buddy and was just here to enjoy the show and a couple beers.

    After talking, it turned out we have a couple similar... "hobbies". She gave me her number since I guess she saw something in me and she said she likes the younger type and I'm clean/good looking. We text a couple timed and she gave me a call today. We were talking bout getting high and all that. Turns out shes lonely and tired off all the bullshit she normally has to put up with being a stripper. We talked about fucking and all that in a "I scratch your back, you scratch mine type way". At first I assumed money and I told her I don't know about all that but it turns out there's no money involved. She said shes looking for a no bullshit man she can be herself around, get high with and have fun. I told her I don't know about that, I don't have the finances for someone as high maintenance as her. She want's to be "together" when were together but otherwise no strings attached. She said since he banks she would support me. I said, damn girl, are you even clean (considering her profession), then she dropped the bombshell. Shes a pro. Shes a pornstar and gets tested every month regardless and that stripping is just easy money on the side. I almost didn't believe it till I looked her up.

    Damn GC, normally I can't stand slutty girls and I would never have a relationship with one but at the same time, it's always been a fantasy as I'm sure it's been for most males to fuck a porn star. Not only that but she wants it steady.

    So, I'm going over there tonight. Definitely going to make sure my shit's wrapped but I'm just tripping right now. I'm a good looking guy but since I'm pretty socially withdrawn, I haven't had sex since highschool, 4-6 years. I've done sexual things but haven't laid the bone and now I have unlimited access to a grade A porn star?! I can't believe this shit. I'll be taking pics tonight, not that I can show you guys.
  2. Pics/tits or gtfo
  3. Fuck off, that's shit you say on /b/ when someone says "I'm a girl btw", if you're going to shitpost take it else where with you're reddit tier bullshit. I said I was taking pics tonight, learn to read dammit.
  4. Props to you bro! You have achieved the ultimate achievement for MANkind
  5. I have known a few strippers that were pretty chill(just tokers nothing crazy) never a girl in the films.

    Go for it man just make sure your D can handle the V.
  6. I'm jealous, Congrats
  7. What is her name I want to look her up
  8. Now do u believe In fate.XD
  9. You said "not that I would show you guys tho " ? ...Tear that punane up :)
  10. Maybe OP will deliver name or valuable proof, maybe.
  11. Subbed for proof .
  12. She will drop you like a hot box of rocks.. you will most likwly get laid a few times
  13. Doesnt that make you a pornstar?
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    She's most likely clean and you're going to wear a condom anyway?

    You're a better man than I.
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    No name but if all plans go through tonight I'll provide a SFW pic.
  16. I believe you op, I just want to know who you're fucking. What's it gonna hurt if you tell us her name
  17. Er, fate that someone found a pornstar stripper who likes to have sex?

    That's not fate or luck. Hell, that's not even going against the odds. :D
  18. Just waiting for her to get off work but her phones off so I'm spooking. Hopefully she'll turn it on by when shes getting off and it's not dead. I'll probably just head to her house in an hour or so anyways. She expects me to show up so it shouldn't be a problem, I'll just be pissed if I rode that far for nothing.
  19. Ooh, ooh!

    Just start peeing on her mid sex. Pornstars are used to that. Also, throatfucking and surprise anal.

  20. i don't think anybody really cares man, they just want a name.:confused:
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