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Friends who never clean their pieces?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DoubtfulFire495, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I smoke with three different groups of friends on the regular and none of them clean their pipes. Ever. How come their pieces are still functional when the insides are absolutely caked solid with resin? Mine never get anywhere near that dirty, and if I go too long without cleaning one it gets clogged. 
    Feel free to share your experiences with friends' (or your own?) dirty ass pieces  :bongin:
    One of my friends said himself he never cleans his pipes, he just buys new ones when they get too clogged o_o

  2. Well your friend who buys a new pipe when the old gets clogged is dumb, as for the others I think it would take an absurd amount of smoking to make a pipe completely nonfunctional via res. You might cake up the carb first but it will still hit. Now I'm not saying I don't clean mine, I do, in fact I take some joy in cleaning them, it's apart of the hobby.
  3. I never clean my bowl because i like the color of the glass when it's dirty inside, and i'm lazy.I scrape it out when i'm out of weed sometimes, but don't actually clean it. I feel like a ress'ed up bowl just adds character to it, kinda like a scratched up guitar or something. I do clean my bong though when i start to see a lot of resin inside it, otherwise it just seems gross. 
  4. Fuck that shit, all of my pieces are hard as fuck to clean...That's why I have a shitload of papers lyin' all over the place. :cool:

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