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Friends who live at home/rant

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ehngage, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, this is more for the younger users here, but how many of you who live on your own still have friends who live with their parents? All of my friends still do which is a pain, I'm only 19 and I've been away from my house for eight months.

    Anyway, I have two good friends who both live at home, one is 18, the other is 19. But their parents are still very protective of them/intrusive. Lets call them Mike and Joe. If Mike comes to my house at 3pm and we smoke, he goes home at about 6pm to eat, but his mom won't let him go out again. She doesn't have a reason except for the fact that she said no. This happens almost every time he's over. So essentially he can only leave the house once a day to hang out. Bullshit in my opinion. Mike's dad works away from home so he's only there 2 weeks out of every month, but when he is home he questions everything mike does, everywhere he goes, even calls him to see what he's doing sometimes. Even worse is that his dad won't let him hang out with friends more than once in two days. So if He's over on Monday his dad won't let him leave (anywhere) until Wednesday.

    Now Joe is able to leave the house whenever he wants, but his parents are pretty strict about him leaving the house after 8-9pm.

    Does anyone else have friends who have parents like this? Am I overreacting to the way their parents act? I just don't think an 18yr old should have to have that strict of rules. I'm all for obeying your parents rules and such, but do their parents seem to be a tad strict?

    Neither parents know they smoke, and neither know I smoke. I've known their parents both for years so I don't think I'm the issue.

    TL/DR- My friends parents are strict about them leaving the house even though they are all 18+
  2. It is sort of weird that your friends are over 18 and their parents still control their life, but at the same time your friends have to respect what their parents say unless they want to move out.
  3. lol thats strict as fudge im 18 and i come home at 3 am , my mom calls me though to check up and see when im coming in but thats it lol

    Edit:Opps i forgot fuck is disrespectful lemme take that out
  4. Oh I agree that they should listen to what their parents tell them, I'm just wondering if you guys think their parents are a bit strict on their adult children?
  5. Yes, very strict. They are over 18 and considered adults.
  6. Possibly. Have their parents always been strict. Maybe they are just trying to make their kids lives inconvenient so they move out before they get too old?
  7. Maybe they just want the kids at the house and not have to worry about anything happenin to them cuz they are safe at home and the quality time never hurts
  8. Why are their curfews so damn early?
  9. I'm 18 livin at home and halfway through senior year it seemed like my parents stoppe giving a fuck pretty much. I can leave whenever and they rarley ask where I go. They don't let me have more than a couple people at the house though. Just wish they'd let me smoke but they do let me drink.
  10. i dont understand not lettting them out of the house. My mom was strict as fuck but i still had decent curfews and shit.
  11. Pfft when i lived at home my parents would complaine if i was there to much. now that i dont they complaine that i never come and visit enough
  12. I should mention that when I said my friend can't go out after 8-9pm I mean if hes home then he can't leave, but if he's at my house at 6pm, he doesn't go home until midninght 1am. I don't understand it either... I tell Mike all the time to stand up to his mom and just ask her why she's so strict and to ask if she can back off a little because he is an adult now. But he doesn't
  13. May I ask what kind of kids they are?

    How is their school performance?
    Do they have part-time or full-time jobs?

    Do they go to college?
    Are they striving for a degree?

    Are they going into the military?

    I am 18 attending college, but when I am home I am essentially allowed to do what ever I please with a car.

    It is kind of weird to me that your friend's parents wont let them go out more than once per day. That is actually really weird. They should be careful about babying their kids that far because it can have serious effects on independent thinking....
  14. Maybe they think ur butt fucking their kids while slamming huge rails of crystal meth.
  15. your friends need to man up.
  16. Better than paying bills they're not ready for. Maybe they don't know what they want to do yet, I didn't figure out what I want to do until just lately and I'm 21 so I don't see them still being at home or not getting super serious yet as too bad. But their parents are definitely too strict, I know even at that age for some people it's still weird to be able to branch out. Most parents don't see their kids as true adults until the 20s hit, but yeah their parents are just psycho lol and it's not healthy I don't think to be that strict.

    Either way can't give the people who raised you and give you a place to live too many problems hanging out is in no way more important than being financially secure and being able to think clearly what you want to do instead of being forced into something over stress. Like for example I have plenty of friends who are doing things like becoming cops just because they have kids or something that makes them pick a career that's more short-term accomplished so I don't really have much to talk about with them now anyway. As long as you all are still friends shouldn't be too big of a problem. No doubt though their parents are crazy in that way lol
  17. I'm 20 and living with my mom....'s a free place to sleep and shower, and wash myself/clothes...
    i'll move out when i can afford it. fuck roommates

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