friends who arent friends

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  1. I just got back from a wicked trip to 'Dam and I thought I had to share this. I went with a mate of mine. He's a bit younger than me but we manage to get along and we've known each other for a few years. He's 21 and single and I'm 26 and married. When we went, the 1st thing he did was to order the strongest neder weed we could find and smoked large blunts. no problem. This went on for a day or so. i asked him to go out and get a camera and some insence for the hotel room. After he comes back, he says
    " you owe me 50 gilders for the insence and the camera", and I'm thinking, what! we are both going to be using it so whats the big deal. Ok, I got over it, so as the days go on, we come to another place that's offering 5 grams of white widow for 45 gilders. i say, what a good deal. He says, "you pay for this cuz you owe me for the other stuff" Again I'm thinking, what is the problem, i firgued we could just please ourselves and pass the spliff but he wants to tally everything up. Fine. On the 3rd day, I want to get the pice deved so I go to a fotomat and a cash machine to pay for it. Then he pipes up and says," Ive run out of money and could you lend me 200 gilders till we get back to the UK". At this point I'm ready to spit blood. Here's he going on about money I owe him and then he has the nerve to ask to barrow some. And he makes more than me and he's single. So we get back to the UK and I've asked him for a check to pay for his half of the holiday as I put it all on my card. Either the check will bounce or he's gonna cry when he sees how much hes forgot he had to pay. Needless to say I've stopped telling him when I pick up my weed and I don't tell him how much I get anymore cuz he just ends up coming over and smoking most of it and then at the end, he says, "could you sort us out a bud to take home? I'll get it back to ya tomarrow" Friends like these....
  2. I know where your coming from man, friends that stay with you and then when the marijuanaa supply from you get's larger they get other friends because of it and you become their dealer rather than their friend and they barely ever hang out with you anymore. It's a bad deal, I've went threw it.. but life goes on, more friends will come.

  3. its nice to know I'm not the only one. Thanks Guys. I've since fallen out with this guy. I rang him up but he never got back to me when we were supposed to pick up some ganja. oh well, i got my bag and my bong and a video and i'm happy. it always a pain to be liked for you weed and nothing else.
  4. Friends who aren't friends....

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    lol this thread is 10 years old bro. this like a record or somethin for longest time in the archives and then gettin bumped? how did u even find this...

  6. Ha ha ha I was thinkin the same thing
  7. That is a leach not a friend my friend.
  8. typing keywords in the search button....
  9. Holy shit... this dude is now 36... I was 11 when this topic was posted... Jebus christo.
  10. Yeah, I was just thinking that when I read the OP. I was 12 at the time freakin crazy. 9/11 hadn't even occurred.
  11. i wonder if OP and leach are still 'friends' anymore lol
  12. I was 8 o.0
  13. You were looking for interesting Amsterdam threads weren't you? I've done the same thing lol:D

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