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    Alright this is not my story a really good friend of mine told me this shit and i thought it was pretty fucking crazy.

    Alright so he over the summer dropped 2 stamps and then smoked. He said it was the craziest experience in his life. He said at first he was at home and just chilled there but he started tripping HARD there.

    He was in his room playing his guitar when all of a sudden his guitar turned into a snake and started wrapping around his arm. So he just left it and is just sitting in his room when his little brother walks in and he starts turning into the devil and he said horns started growing out of his head. He goes to his bed and goes under the covers but then he has visuals of lights he couldn't even pretend to be asleep.

    He said he wasn't freaking out at all he was just so amazed at what was going on. He was leaving when his mom made him eat before he left. She made him fish and noodles or spaghetti or something he said the fish came to life and started flapping on his plate. THe spaghetti also became worms in his mouth so he couldn't eat, he just left. So he started riding his bike and he said he saw the craziest shit while riding bike like he saw everything as cartoon land. Some of the stuff he saw he said was scary but he was too amazed by it all to have a bad trip.

    He also told me that he was crossing a street on his bike when he kept looking at the car and he saw that he was still in front of it when he thought he already crossed the street. He says he doesn't know how he was able to cross the street.

    I have never tripped that hard, ever.

    He knew the hookup though to get the best acid. Unfortunately we don't get anymore of those.

    How many stamps does that sound like to you guys?
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    To be honest, it sounds like he exaggerated the story.

    Four-five hits usually get's me tripping hard, but not to the point where a guitar turns into a snake.
  3. Yeah. That sounds like the type of stories people tell when they're not acquainted with a substance. I dunno if he's lying or not, but I doubt his trip was like that.
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    It actually sounds like he took some DO? substance, and not LSD. I've had my shoe laces turn into snakes and crawl up my legs on DO?, which sounds like what happened to him. Almost certainly not LSD though.

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