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Friends think I smoke too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ploxxies, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Here's a little background info:
    Out of all my friends, me and one other guy smokes pot regularly or in general. So recently I've had a nice income and I've been spending a small part of it on marijuana.
    All my straight friends are like "dude you smoke every day like it's no big deal." then I tell them I rarely smoke every day, and I haven't done it in X amount of days (last time they said this it was 4 days). They usually ignore what I say and bring up something about money like "man you're gonna blow all your money on it". Then I say I only spend like $50 a month on it (just buy an eighth and I'm usually good to go).
    It's not like I'm dipping into savings or anything, I literally just use one night's tip money to last me a month.
    Anyway, the question: What can I tell my "boiz" to get them to fuck off? They're seriously at the point where they're looking down on me and thinking I get high 24/7. It's good that they care about me, but holy shit it gets annoying.

  2. Tell them you do what you do and if they don't like it to buzz off with their judgements.
  3. Tell them you quit smoking because you are saving up to buy a pet elephant.
  4. Dude its your what you want tell your friends quit being assholesSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Sounds like jealousy to me next time you chill with them spark up a blunt and give zero fuks

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  6. [quote name="EL-GATO-NEGRO" post="19373048" timestamp="1390199958"]Sounds like jealousy to me next time you chill with them spark up a blunt and give zero fuks Sent from my SPH-D710VMUB using Grasscity Forum mobile app[/quote]There's one approach haha. It doesn't matter I smoke weed everyday I have friends who don't. I have friends who smoke cigs everyday, I don't even smoke tobacco or "use nicotine" unless it's a blunt. If I'm not gonna judge them for smokin grits like fiends I think they should let me smoke my weed.
  7. Fuck them.  They're judging you and they have no clue what they're talking about, just do you and don't try and please them it's your life.
  8. Get a potleaf tatted on your neck to see if they're really your friends
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    Just tell them you don't give a fuck up straight up. They'll get over it soon. My friends secretly say that shit behind my back and they think I don't know lol but I don't care so it doesn't matter
  10. If they drink just wait until they drink alcohol and tell them they drink to much everyday.
  11. Tell them that you listened to what they said, and you quit smoking weed, and have since then picked up a cocaine habit (crack or powder doesn't matter) that's costing you 100 dollars a day, but not to worry because you've stopped using that evil marihuana.
    Or tell them that it's not really any of their business and to get their heads out of your bank account, perhaps do like everythingshazy says and ask them how much they're spending on liquor or their cable bill or internet/phone bill and then bitch at them about it. Weed money is just another entertainment expense, some people like going shopping at the mall or going to the movie theater ever week, some of us choose to buy a bag of pot.
    My last piece of advice is to ditch those squares, a real friend wont hassle you about your weed intake, even if they themselves don't smoke.
    Hope you tell them fools off. 
  12. exactly the way you said it. "fuck off" if you know that you're not spending a lot of money and can spend money on weed while being financially stable, then who are they to tell you that you smoke too much.
  13. Tell them to stop being bellends and/or pussies

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  14. If an 8th lasts u a whole month there is no way u smoke to much, shit I just blew an 8th over the weekend and I know tons of people who smoke way more. 
    Not saying theres anything bad about being straight edge, but if ur friends r that annoying about it find new friends who rnt that dumb, cuz it really doesn't seem like u have a problem with smoking
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    Tell 'em to chill and smoke some bud, maybe it'll help their judgement problems. I smoke every day and have several other friends that do as well. While I allow people like my mom a free pass your friends should stay the fuck outta your life. One of my friends, let's call him Jerry Seinfeld, smokes bud at least once a day and has over a 4.0 in school at the moment. Another friend, I'll call him Heroin Bob (If you don't get this reference you should go watch SLC Punk right fucking now), smokes (Well, usually he vapes) 2+ times daily and regularly keeps up two jobs and above average grades in all of his classes. I, myself, smoke daily and have been keeping a B average. It used to be an A average (Still smoked once a day) but lately I've been having some problems with depression that I'm going to get medication for soon. 
    Marijuana has no negative impact on the average user, and you are the only one that can decide if you do it too often. If you smoke once a day and use it to avoid doing work, school assigments, etc, and feel like you would die if you didn't have weed, maybe you should think about stepping back and looking at the situation, but if you see no problem with it and function fine than fuck those judgmental pricks. 
    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they're usually pretty shitty  :smoke: 
    EDIT: Wait, an eighth lasts you a MONTH and people are saying you smoke to much? Jesus Christ, those guys have no fucking idea what they're talking about.
  16. "The less fucks you give, the happier you will be!" - Jack Nicholson
  17. +1 for being a cool mouthafucka.
  18. I think this is a common problem that is rooted by what a junkie is in terms of how the "norm" looks at it.
    Of course one can smoke to much but its varies from person to person. There are those that can smoke on a daily basis and function splendid then there are others that can easilty ruin their lifes doing that. It depends so much on your psyche how you are as a person.
    But its sad when people start making complaints based upon "facts" that is not rooted in reality.
    I had said to one of my friends that he smokes too much but that was after I realized that almost all his life is circling around weed. He don't do anything unless he's high and he has become way more unsocial than he was a few years ago.
    But as long as you don't notice any rel negative effects its stupid to throw stereotypical things like "oh you are going to blow all your money on weed" in peoples faces like that.
    And what if you did ? That don't even mean you don't have a good life or is a good character. I know people that burns all their money on car parts and / or clothes.. I see that as stupid but I don't tell them that since its their choice and they don't seem to be affected in a negative way by it.
  19. Your friends are jealous you can spend money on weed and smoke. That's about it. Nothing to do but get new friends or ignore it. You can also tell them to stfu about it.
  20. dont tell em

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