Friends that fake being high.

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  1. This pisses me off more than anything. I am a mellow kind of guy when I'm high. I don't speak a whole lot, but when I do it's to start a good conversation or say something meaningful. Then I have friends who after puffing a joint for 3 minutes start purposely falling over things and trying to act like a stoner they saw on TV.

    I don't understand why people think it's necessary for everyone to say "I'm so hiiiiggggghhhh mannnnnnnn", and act like an incompetent person just to seem cool.

    Anyone else have friends that do the same?
  2. Definitely one of the biggest buzzkills ever. People are fucking stupid.
  3. off some reggies? smh
  4. Agreed, makes my penis soft.
  5. I've never tripped over anything while I was high, my feet just know where to go
  6. It pisses me off too because it's just a waste of my bud when they act like that... it ruins your high and wastes your money.. what kind of friend would want to do that to you?
  7. One of my friends used to do that. But then every time he was smoking my weed(which was most of the time, if not all) and started doing that, I'd just splash water on him and be like "If you're really high enough to act like a fucking moron, you need to sober up. No more for you". Then he eventually stopped doing it. :D Gotta kill that shit quick, my man.

  8. damn well that seems pretty dickish.

    i woulda just threatened to call the cops xD
  9. thats why i dont hang around 8th graders
  10. I have staggered high before, but I've never felt the need to be the stereotype in the way I act. When I'm high I am either deeply contemplative, or I am very happy and laughing a lot. Anyone who says that the laughing is just a part of the stereotype is lying. Sometimes you just wanna laugh.
  11. Ahh I remember being 14. Hung out with a kid Josh who's dad grew and Josh showed us the grow op and shit. The odd part is this kid got to smoke a lot because of his dad, but he still acted like a fucking moron every high. He'd whip his dick out in a park and start pissing, punch other people and laugh, yell stupid shit like IM SO HIGH or HOOLLLY SHIIIT, and lots of other annoying things. Me and my other buddy kept hanging out with him for like a year because of all the free smoke we got from him. After a while it became impossible to tolerate this kid so we just stopped kickin it with him. I need to stop replying to topics when I'm high, I ramble on way too much.

    Had a really fucking annoying "friend" who smoked us up for free for like a year, but his incredibly obnoxious behavior led me and my other friend to stop hanging out with this kid.

  12. I did the same thing to my cousin back when he first started smoking with me and it worked like a charm ;) On second thought maybe it was the time I bitch slapped his ass after I constantly warned him to quit fucking annoying me with his over the top highness. Either way he's chill around me now :D
  13. My cousin was like this. He would hold it in his mouth and I always knew he was faking. We finally watched him and told him to inhale. He nearly hacked up a lung and was baked as FUCK!
  14. Yeah I smoked up a couple of my friends and it was their first time smoking. They were all like "I'm sooooo high man" and "i love you guys" and fucking destroyed everything in my house, literally knocking shit over and being so damn loud. It got to the point where I got so pissed off that I roundhouse kicked one of them in the chest and told them if they didn't stop acting like retards I was never gonna smoke with them again. They calmed down.

  15. Lol what's more dickish? A little water or putting your friend through the panic of involving the police? Haha
  16. I have trouble walking straight in public... well, if I'm baked into a cookie
  17. Bump, like the stories keep them comin.

  18. Well, he is 14..
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    I have a friend like that, when we once smoked a shitty spliff he made he kept on saying how he was "too high" while I barely felt anything. Another thing annoying is how he always tells me bullshit stories when he got way too high.

    I used to be an annoying shit when high but only for the first few times I became high. When I realized I was being an annoying little shit I calmed down.
  20. Idk when I first started smoking six years ago when I was like 14 some people did that. Id usually tell them they were too stoned and fuck with them because it annoyed me so much. At this age if someone does it I won't smoke with them anymore.

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