Friends that Do the Craziest Shit...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I'm thinking about a story ok so....I had this pal that would taunt rival gangstaz for the fun of everytime I'd go places with him either walkin or driving he would alwayz notice another gangsta staring at the first thing he would do is throw up his hood (display gang sign) then call the person out and OMG...I lost count of how many times he could've gotten us killed because he likes doin crazy shit like that!!:confused:
  2. Fixed

    Haha, jk man, but no yea this is pretty fucking dumb
  3. Sounds like a crazy friend. When I was 16, I rolled with some friends to a medium town in Nebraska [15 grand people (estimate)], and it was Halloween night. We had these bicycle horns and we honked at kids walking. When we got to a stoplight there was a box chevy on 24s [I know because it said 24's in big numbers and letter on the rear quarter panel] and we started a race with them at a stoplight.

    I have a large American car with a 3.5 V6, 24 valve, so it's damn near V8 fast with the way it's riced out. But when I heard the exhaust as he turned down his bass and rolled down his window, I realized we'd lose the race, at the same time my friend pulled a bicycle horn above our windowline, and he displayed a gun,

    but didn't point it at us. My friend and I start yelling its a horn its a horn! and he apologized and said lets race at the next stoplight, since right before ours turned green the one ahead had turned red. But I was scared shitless by that gun. And he blew our ass out of the water, in the race.

    But later on that night, we rolled up slow on some kids on Broadway [I don't remember if that's the name of the street, but it was 'main street'] and honked the horns [bicycle horns] and out of the group of kids one of 'em started running and ducked into [didn't go into the shop, just the door was...I don't know how to describe, pushed back a few feet?] an entrance of a shop and hit the ground while his friends laughed at him. I laughed also.
  4. Sounds to me like your just hanging out with short bus kids. On a more important note I had a friend piss on an electric cattle fence because "he wanted to see what it felt like." thats also borderline retarded but, funny as fuck

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