Friend's Stepdad cheifs!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by eatyourkix, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Here's the story:

    Sometime last week my friend was home alone so he decided to go into his parents room to get some money. He looks in the top dresser drawer and BADDABING BADDABOOM he finds a fat 8th and some seeds and rolling papers.

    This is just out of no where! Then he thinks back and he can see the symptoms and shit of his parents of course he pinches off a 20 or so and we smoked that shit. It was soo good.

    Alright well I just had to share the glory with you guys. :)
  2. He jacked his weed?
    That isn't pinching when you take a 20 out of it; that's flat out scandalous. If I was his stepdad, and I didn't care before if he smoked; I would certainly be pissed about it now...any bags sighted in your friends possession in the future would be, "confiscated." Heh heh.

    Jacking weed is just wrong. I'd be very tempted to violently react if someone did that to me.
  3. haha yea I agree with you there, but the thing is, the stepdad doesn't know that we know. It's not like he's gonna just come up to us and be like "DID YOU TAKE MY WEED?" he wouldn't want us to know....

    but its funny because he took so much and it looked nothing like it first did...hahahaha
  4. Maybe he smoked too much and forgot how much he had?

    I'd at least have a general suspicion that he knows.
    especially if he buys expensive shit and monitors how much he smokes with a scale.
  5. Jacking weed isn't cool. If it's just a pinch or a whole bag, it doesn't matter. KARMA.
  6. Oh trust me, I know jacking weed sucks. It's easy to learn that it does when it happens to you...but I'm not going into that story.
  7. shame on you, i should steal your weed
  8. dude u guys are thinkin the sam things as me i found my s dads stash but fo sho i took a little , u gotta just so u can say u smoked u s dads we

    im with u on the jackin his 20 its what i would do

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