Friends Seed Starter set up

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tokemansam, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Well i feel ashamed to ask this but here it goes... my friend started a seed starter box... i have no idea why... dont ask. Well anyways he was asking me about it... if it would work etc... well i didnt know really what to tell him ive never experimented with anything like this...

    its a 2 (ft) by 2(ft) box... it contains 4 2ft floros with 20 watts per light.... than to hanging floros that give 40 watts of cool/warm lights.... i think it ends up being like 160-180 watts not exact... well he started asking me questions what he could do 2 make it better etc.... and on... so we lined the box with tin foil.... thats basicly all i could do 2 help him.... he grows outside.. and he jus wants to get a healthy indoor start before he transplants his sprouts (somewhat) to the outdoors... yeah so basicly the question im asking is will his seeds be provided with enough light?.... he doesnt really want to invest in a good hps light system cuz hes not lookin to grow indoor yet... Thanks i kno its kind of an ockward question ... cheers
  2. eh...seeds dont need light! to start the seeds, just try germination. If hes planning on growing, thats a good enough amount of flouros to work for a few plants.
  3. that was my fault didnt really word that correctly... but yeah thinks for the input
  4. Its not a seed starter box its a veg box. I have one just like that for my O'Grow its about 18x16x12 (LWH). I only have 2 19w "outdoor" bulbs and one 42 watt warm. Im only going to veg 4 moms in it then root a bunch of clones after puting the moms outside. Outdoor the you dont need to make super tigt noded plants because thewy will stretch once they are put outside. 30-40w per foot should be good. Don't forget to hook up a fan.
  5. yeah it will work

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