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Friends say I smoke too much

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SADBOY1997, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. So lately my friends have been telling me I smoke too much. I am 18, have had a job for 5 years. I've been smoking consistently for about a year. I usually smoke .5g 4-5 times a day (2-2.5 grams a day) 7 days a week. I don't go to my job (post office lol) high ever. I plan on taking a tolerance break starting Friday and ending the following Friday because it has gotten to the point where I smoke 6+ bowls and crash 15 minutes later. So my 3 questions are.. 1. Do you think that is smoking too much? 2. Do you think a 1 week t-break will make a difference in my tolerance? 3. How much do you smoke a day and how long are your t-breaks(if you do them)?

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    I say you can't smoke enough :smoke:

    as long as you handle your shit and continue to advance in life you're good. Gotta be a motivated person
    So what if you smoke and crash on a Friday night, success isn't measured by how many times in your life you go out on Friday nights.

    And 2 Gs a day, when I do take them like a week but I recently took a 6 week one.

    lol disregard Friday night comment I thought your post said that...
  3. Agreed! How do the 1 week breaks work for you?
    1 week t-breaks get me ripped like it was my first time smoking man haha.
  5. how long till it wears off do you find?
  6. meh gets me higher for the first day or so. I usually just do 3 days-week just to clear head fog from a 24/7 stone not to really get my tolerance down
  7. get new friends
  8. Wow! I thought it would work for longer than that! Time to look into concentrates 
  9. Cant smoke too much weed if its not affecting you and your life priorities negatively. man im high as fuck right now.
  10. I've been in just about your situation where friends were telling me that and even a friend's mom told me that...
    Anyway it does sound like time for a t break I usually take 1 week breaks but that's usually about once a month if you haven't had one in a long time then you might want a two week break at least

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  11. Start getting into dabs. Try 1 dab a day for a week and see how it feels.

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    If you're concerned about tolerance now... Once you do dabs your tolerance will sky rocket.

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