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Friends Piss

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nativejim, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Alright I talk to my friend today.. and he is clean. We thought of an idea at the probation building since we got it at the same time same day. And we thought that if he pissed in a condom, I taped it to my leg close to my balls.. that it should be warm enough. I don't think my probation officer will go in the room with me.

    Do you think it would work?


    Do you think it will stay warm enough? He is going to piss in the condom at the probation meeting place.
  2. Sometimes they will come in with you, or they may have double sided mirrors or just straight up observation windows in there.
  3. I don't know where you live, but around here they've got two-way mirrors in the bathrooms for probation drug tests so that they can "watch without watching".
    Personally, I wouldn't risk it.
    Might be time for a little smoke break...

  4. (this is Shay)

    a camera in the urinal and watchin your nuts
  5. I wouldn't fuck with a probation drug test man, it's not worth going to jail.

    Luckily I got unsupervised probation with no DT's. I got VERY luck!
  6. Well.. If I smoked 5-10 joints yesterday and I got a DT on tuesday you think I could pass with water?

    How much water?

  7. too much water and you risk fucking up your kidneys or even death.
  8. Well I need to pass it.. My mom has called him wayyyy to many times now and re-scheduled.
  9. Nope.
    Get yourself one of these kits if you've got an extra $40-$60 laying around.[​IMG]
    Otherwise, I think you're pretty much fucked...
    Good luck.
  10. well you and your boy can get more charges if they catch you
  11. Your mom has to call and reschedule your probation DT's??? Are you 12?
  12. No.. im not 12.. don't worry about how old I am.. I have her do it cuz I don't need to talk to him.. I hate it so why the fuck would I wanna talk to him lol.. shes got better excuses for him then I do.
  13. #14 Nativejim, Jun 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 8, 2009
    Its worth it.. if I fail it and end up going anyways right.

    What would be a cheaper one.. my cousin told me that Q-Tabs work.. and they are only 15 bucks or so.. Have you heard of them? How about Vinegar and water will that work?

    What if I dilute my piss what do they do then?
  14. if your this concerned about it price shouldn't be a big worry, just go to your local smoke shop and buy some detox drink, be prepared to fail though they are not 100%.

    as far as dilution goes you cant dilute 10 joints in 3 days, just aint gunna work man. if this is your first test just say that you quit since your hearing unless that was like a month ago, thats your best chance. over all though you just need to stop smoking.
  15. I've never heard of Q-tabs, nor have I ever heard of vinegar and water working (doesn't mean it couldn't, I just haven't heard of it).

    The reason I posted that particular kit is because I've only heard of it not working ONCE...and the guy fucked up following the directions, which is why it didn't work. Other than that, it's gotten nothing but awesome reviews.

    So if you've got the money, get that one. If you don't, try one of the cheaper ones, but honestly, unless you're skinny skinny skinny with almost no body fat and the Universe loves you and wants you to stay out of's sort of a long shot that it'll work three days after smoking 10 joints.

    Good luck.
  16. when i was being tested they would stand behind me and watch me pee. I dont think that will work.

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