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Friends pipe and herb confiscated by my parents

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nnunes, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. My parents my stash of weed and paraphanelia as well as my friends. He had like a cheap little china town metal pipe and like 1.5 gs of white widow. He was going to sell the pipe and weed to someone for 60 bucks and expects me to reimburse him the 60. When truly it was only worth like 35-40 all together. Should I even give him anything because I was doing him a favor by holding it for him since he didn't want his parents to find it and his items probably led to the stank that got me caught. What do you think
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    Dude it's your fault for not hiding it good enough. I think you should give him $60.
  3. tell your parents that its not your stuff and you gotta give it back to yor friend even tho you'l stop smoking
  4. naw I'd give him like 35 bucks. Cuz thats half of what it was worth. Why would your parents have less of a chance of finding it than his? totally not your fault bro.
  5. Fuck your friend.... Greedy bastard
  6. If I trusted a friend with my weed and pipe, and he was stupid and got caught with it. I'd ask for reimbursement too.
  7. Tell him you only have 35 take it or leave it, plus you were doing him a favor which lead to you getting busted.
  8. I wouldn't say I was being stupid and got caught. My parents just one day noticed the smell. The same day I hid his stuff in the same spot I hide mine. And he knows where that's spot is too so if he didnt like
    It he should've took his stuff but he decided to leave it
  9. I wouldn't let him profit off the pipes especially since you were doing him favor for keeping them. I would just pay him what he paid for it all
  10. Well if it was your fault because you hid it poorly, id pay him back. But if it was hidden really well and you just happened to get unlucky, than don't pay him. I've let friends keep bud at my place before. I hid all my stuff very well. By keeping it at my house, he's risking it himself too. My house isn't weed friendly with my parents, its just safer with it than his is. I'm not going to do him a favor, and then end up getting screwed $60
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    He didn't even pay for the pipe. He got it from a friend of ours for free.
  12. Don't pay him
  13. who cares.
    go buttfuck each
    other and call it even.
    please stop asking stupid quesitonz.
  14. As a person with good moral values this thread was a rhetorical question from the beginning. A friend trusted you with his possessions, and you obviously accepted the responsibility of holding onto them for him. You lost his items, so you should definitely pay him back. I would pay him what it was really worth, not what he was going to sell it for. As him being your friend as well, he shouldn't be trying to make a buck off of your mistake. As long as your reimburse him fairly, he can't complain. If he continues to demand the full $60...I would tell him to fuck off and not pay him a dime.

  15. I get the logic here.. But at the same time his friends knew there was a natural risk involed. I think by him leaving it, it was his responsibility to understand that risk. So it's hard to say it all OPs fault.

    Though I sorta think you're both responsible in the end because you accepted, so you should have known the risks too. so.. pay for half of whatever the value was
  16. Pay him $35-40, he can go buy another cheap pipe and plenty o' grass, and still sell it to the poor schmuck he was going to dupe. Simple, fair solution.
  17. cheap pipe :$5
    1.5 grams of dank: $20-25

    buy these and give them to him, he can then sell them if he wants, you shouldnt have to pay the extra 30 bucks he was going to get ripping someone off
  18. Best idea so far, its his fault just as much yours, I'd tell him to be happy that I'm not a snitch then give him the pipe and dank and be done with it.
  19. fuck your friend. not a god damn one of your friends would reimburse you if the situation were flipped. and you know this.
  20. no. he took the risk of giving his shit to someone else so he wouldnt get caught.

    if i ask you to drive my car somewhere for me, and someone hits you, im not gonna ask you to pay to get it fixed.

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