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~Friends New Bong.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by akforty7s, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Friend just got this a few days ago.. thing is pretty sick. Price tag was 550. Sitting next to it is his headie dry peice..

    peace :bongin:






    Here is one satisfied customer ^


  2. jesus that spoon's bowl is huge!!

    edit: damn that there turned your face yeller.
  3. My thought exactly.

    550?! You could have picked up one helluva RooR for that much! Im not saying that bong there isnt great, because it looks awesome ^-^
  4. There's more to life than roor's :D
  5. damn that ashcatcher I've never seen one like that. I bet she packs a punch.
  6. that is what i call milked, niiiice bong man
  7. Well, the reason im saying that is that ashcatcher looks delicate. How sturdy is that glass? If it is sturdy enough than yea its awesome. Do you have any idea who blew that glass?
  8. yea but from the design it has to be a dry its a stem.
  9. nice pickup man, way to break the trend of EVERYONE buying Roors or PHX or stuff like that
  10. Kickass bong man!! I dunno if I'd drop that much. He payed list price? I like the fatass spoon too. Very nice, very nice
  11. Damn, that's a lot of money. Looks hella tight though. That spoon's bowl is fucking huge! How much can you fit in it?
  12. yeah it's just a way of making downstemless pieces

    the water bubbles smoother up the side and all that

    I wouldn't have blown 550 but thats totally worth at least 300
  13. I like the spoon w/ that huge ass bowl better than the bong. I just can't stop looking at that spoon. Nice bong, better than any of mine at the tyme. Good Stuff JOE>
  14. that thing is real nice, but 550? damn, i don't think i could ever bring myself to drop that much on a bong...
  15. Me neither. You can buy some good bud with that.
  16. damn, that turned him into a lego person. :p

    anyway, good luck cleaning that, cause id be afraid of shaking that with the headie downstem.
  17. i love that bong man

    stemless pieces kick ass, and thats sweet how its got a perc in it as well

    thats one of the jp glass toro lineups if im not mistaken, but if not its a jp glass for sure by the looks of it
  18. Yeah, I would never pay that much for a bong either, and neither would he. Lets just say it was free for him if you catch my drift... ::cough:: profit :p

    That dry spoon is one of my fav's.. You can easily pack an 8th into it

    I wanna take pics of his entire collection.. All headie shit, you guys will shart your pants

    debauch.. tell me about it man, Im afraid to touch the thing.. cant even imagine cleaning it
  19. no need to put down the price he got :D lol

    if he had the money to spend on it, and he liked it enough to pay it, then for him, it was totally worth it.

    congratulations on that sick bong man. that thing's a monster.
  20. cha, what he said, tell your friend i said 'plus rep', even if he dosent know what it means.

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