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  1. Saturday I decided to stop by a buddy of mine's apartment and hang out. We were trying to figure out what to do, and I remembered I happened to have a fifth of vodka in my car, then he told me he still had a fifth of Captain Morgan's in the freezer, so we started on the CM while the vodka was getting cold in the freezer. In about an hour and a half, we killed the CM, and went to chill in his room and smoke a bowl or 2. He was laying on his bed, and I was sitting on the loveseat beside the bed. His mom came in the room and sat beside me on the loveseat, and the 3 of us were just chilling and talking. I decided to crack open the vodka bottle and get started on that, so I went in the kitchen and his mom walked in there with me. We were mixing up one of my personal favorites, vodka (Pinnacle) and Dole pineapple juice (the kind in the can). She wanted to try it, so I let her have a sip of mine, and she liked it, so I poured her a cup, too, and we went back into the bedroom. Well, he's under the covers about to pass out saying he felt sick, so I just sat down and put on a movie, and his mom sat down beside me...

    At around midnight, a neighbor came to visit and his mom was with him. I mentioned smoking a bowl, and that guy didn't want to be around it, so he hung out in the front yard with my buddy. So it's just me and these 2 moms in the bedroom smoking, and my buddy's mom starts telling her friend how she finally found her a young "boy-toy". I didn't think anything about it until she started rubbing my leg, then I realized she was referring to me, so I start fucking with her, cause that's just how I am. I start leaning across her to change songs on the MP3 player and winking at her and stuff. Well, her friend leaves, so it's back to me and her and my buddy chilling. My buddy gets hungry and decides to make a McDonalds run, and says he'll be back. As soon as he walks out the door, his mom looks at me and says, "We've got about 15 minutes." and grabs at my belt.

    Long story short, I got a blowjob from my buddy's mom. Am I in the wrong, being that we're both single? I'm 22, she's 42.
  2. depends, was she hot?
  3. I loved this story. I think its ok just make sure he never finds out! +rep forsure.:cool:
  4. im 19 and ive been dating a women who's 33 years old for almost 2 years

    so no, you are not wrong.
  5. Yeah. Didn't think she was 42 when I first met her.
  6. Yeah, but this is different. My buddy's mom wants to fuck me. lol
  7. that is my dream. go for it dude. just be careful
  8. dude thats awesome. ive been wanting to fuck my friends mom for like 5 years now lol.
  9. That sounds kinda fucked man. I mean imagine your hommie was got a blowjob from your mom. How would you feel about that.
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    ^^ lol what a downer

    guy clearly walked in on his mom giving his buddy head

  11. hahahha
    but yea ive always dreamed of will prolly never happen oh well
    but you sir, are a lucky man

  12. ahaha holy shit
  13. i say go for it :confused_2:
  14. WHY NOT ME. :mad:
  15. YEAAAAAAAA fuck yea:hello::smoking::smoking:
  16. LEGENDARY. hahaha, mad rep for you brothaman. Milf is the shitttttttttt
  17. You're a bastard man, I wanna fuck a mom so bad, especially some of my friends, fucking moms is hot, besides your own.
  18. Fucking moms is great.

    When I was 19 and stationed in Japan, I nailed this 32 year old Japanese chick. Greatness.

  19. :bolt:
  20. :hello:
    sig'd this if its ok with you :p
    Make a video of the action, so if your boy ever fucks with you... ;)

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