friends in jail on attempted murder, other friends in ICU

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dirt Blunts, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. actually he was high too, sorry.

    but yeah, OP your friend is a serious idiot. is your friend recovering all alright?

  2. tony already has permanent damage
  3. I still don't understand what the point of him doing that was. Thats horrible.
  4. lol not much just chillin smoking an chillin some more =] lol love the name u called me gonna be my new name thanks:smoke:

  5. thats pretty over the top bro
  6. The rule of the street is if somebody hits you once, you hit them back at least twice.

    Fuck him, garbage like that ought to be, well you figure it out.
  7. Alcohol and idiots.

    What a GREAAAAAT combo.
  8. Some people on this board are ready to go to war over getting scammed out of fifty bucks, now that's hardly even worth getting yourself worked up over. But assholes like this Tony character, if this story is true, they deserve no mercy.
  9. Idk this story seems a little sketchy. Y would u tell the cops that he tricked him and did it on purpose. I'm not condonin this shit but seriously y the fuck would do that shit.

  10. if you're gonna kill him why not just shoot him? like something you can actually get away with... no use in rotting in jail for 25 to life over this retarded asshole..
  11. You are correct.

    I'm not suggesting anybody should do it, just sayin' what he deserves for his behavior.
  12. this thread is pretty lol

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