friends in jail on attempted murder, other friends in ICU

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  1. good, im not gonna comment either..
  2. [​IMG]
    What a twist!

    Think your friend will drop tony's charges?
  3. oh my fuck i cringed when i read where he dragged him i like pictured it in my head thats so fucked . ur friends a fucking idiot
  4. If you're an idiot you're an idiot.. but when you throw alcohol into the mix it amplifies it ten fold.

  5. I do not think it's up to the victim to drop charges, he's not the District Attorney. A crime is a crime and those responsible must be brought to justice regardless of whether their victims decide to forgive them. I'd sue that stupid bastard in civil court for ten million dollars in addition to whatever else he's going to get in criminal court.
  6. he can testify though, and I was under the assumption this was all an accident. If it was on purpose then I could see attempted murder as a reasonable charge.
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    I think that he's going to have to face, at the very minimum, charges of reckless endangerment. I'm no legal eagle, but hopefully he will do some jail time, lose his drivers license, and have to reimburse the victim for a substantial sum due to his actions. If the victim had some kind of medical insurance, the insurance company will also go after him for the hospital and doctor bills. I would suggest that as soon as he can, the victim should start going for counseling and/or therapy.

  8. " the cops also came along with the paramedics and asked me what exactly happened cause they knew tony was lieing so i just told them flat out he tricked the kid into standing in a noose and got in his car and tore off and pulled him behind his car"
    so you lied to the cop and falsely said he was intentionally trying to hurt him? or i probly just misread it whatver im high
  9. agreed also
    i completly agree with this i have done shit that i wouldnt do sobor

    i am glad to hear ur friend is doing ok =] sorry ur other friend is in jail but sounds like the dumbshit needs to be there to be honest (stay the fuck away from alchohol all i gota say)

  10. This made me bust out laughing.
  11. lol aswell as me:smoke:
  12. Same.

    Sup death-obsessed-boi??
  13. Just because he is getting charged with attempted murder dosen't mean he is gunna get that. But it won't look good when they find out he was drunk and they give him a urine test and he fails for pot. He is going to be looking at a lot of expenses-lawyer fees, lawsuits, criminal fines.
  14. I hope your friend recovers and there isnt any permanent damage. Cant say much about tony though.
  15. I can see this on the next 1000 ways to die episode... Truly a jackass this tony kid is lol....the fact that he thought his friend was faking it after he dragged him with a car is seriously boggling
  16. I'm fairly certain I've seen basically the same story on grasscity before, with a guy named Tony...

    In case I'm wrong, I hope your friend doesn't have any permanent injuries and he gets better soon.
  17. Tony should be made to have a rope knotted around his ankle, when he isn't looking, with the other end attached to a car, and then get dragged a couple of blocks so that he finds out for himself how funny his little joke was. Make that a couple of miles, he deserves worse because he did it to somebody else first.
  18. I think Tony was permanently damaged a LONG time ago...
  19. I'd like to amend my previous statement about what should be done with Tony: Put the rope around his NECK, attach the other end to a car, and drag him for a couple of miles.
  20. Does Tony huff paint as well?
    Somethings missing in this story...

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