friends in jail on attempted murder, other friends in ICU

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  1. it started last night around 12 or so, my friend tony was horsing around in his dads garage with his other friend, i was over there too, we were just drinking and smoking blunts when tony made up this idea, he's done it before with other things like coolers and other shit, i dont get involved in any of it, i just merely stand and watch

    he took some rope and tied it behind his car, noosed it up and laid it in a designated area in the drive way, it was dark and my other friend went inside to take a shit while tony did all this, my friend gets in his Z-28 camero and starts it up and lets it idle, i thought he was gonna try to pull a cooler or the little red wagon he has in his backyard that's experienced so much torture from his drunken days

    well tony gets out and stands by the noose, my other friend comes out and grabs a beer and stands by him with his foot in the noose, i didn't think much of it because he casually said "oh shit dude my cars still running let me go turn it off", he walks over to his car and hops in and i hear it go into gear and he just guns it out into the street, the noose gets caught around his friends foot and he falls backwards, the beer flies out of his hand i hear his skull crack off the pavement and gets dragged a solid 25 - 30 ft into the street

    i run over to his friend who got dragged and his shirt and jeans are torn up, he's bleeding from his head and he's not responsive, my other friend gets out laughing and im like dude ur a fucking idiot he's really hurt

    tony is like "no he's not he's a fucking faker" and see's he's not moving or talking and starts panicking and goes inside and calls 911, the ambulance came and took him away, the cops also came along with the paramedics and asked me what exactly happened cause they knew tony was lieing so i just told them flat out he tricked the kid into standing in a noose and got in his car and tore off and pulled him behind his car

    the cops took him in on attempted murder charges, im not sure if its attempted murder or not but it's probably something serious, oh well i wont be around tony anymore!!
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  2. That is absolutely, positively, the reason why you should never hang out with people who are fucking morons.

    Alcohol + Stupidity = accident waiting to happen.

    Which is why it's bullshit marijuana is illegal.

    You never see people stoned doing shit like this, unless alcohol or other narcotics are involved..
  3. This guy speaks the truth. Your friend Tony is a dumbass to do that, any news on how your other friend is doing?
  4. Fucking drunk idiots. Since weed kills so many people and there are records of it making people crazy and evidence supporting the FACT that it's addicting and kills brain cells, I think I'll go get drunk and ride around town.

    Jesus christ how the fuck is alcohol legal and marijuana illegal?
  5. Ill say it again


    And the second your friend saw your boy and responded with laughter and that "hes faking"

    i would never associate myself with such a person again
  6. You can't even blame alcohol on this. I've been fucking wasted before and I did some stupid things but this is borderline retarded.
  7. Borderline retarded ideas conjoured up from a potent mixture of stupidity and alcohol:


    Edit: ^ninja'd with the same phrase, nice :D

  8. fuck that u totally can blame alcohol because 99% chance this situation would not happen if alcohol was not involved

    i know that you might think the above statement is retarded but the fact of the matter is people dont know how to fucking control themselves and its sad.
  9. You're right, if alcohol wasn't involved, they wouldn't have done that dumb shit, or at least not dragged him for that length.
  10. That is the stupidist stunt I've read about in a while. I hope that your friend recovers, but regardless they need to lock that guy Tony up for a nice long stretch.
  11. that kid deserves Maximum penalty for that shit, pure retardation
  12. just have a feeling this is a troll... so i won't comment.
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    You can walk into a store and buy enough alcohol to kill 50 states, but yet if your caught with a joint you get put in hand cuffs and arrested......? When my dad beat the shit out of my mom he wasn't high...he was shitfaced drunk. Kid's and MANY people over 21 in college die every day at house parties full of alcohol, "Alcohol Parties". People get in dangerous, terrible physical altercations at "Alcohol Parties" when everybody is acting like a tough guy and no one gives a fuck when there shit faced drunk almost blacked-out. The worst thing that could happen at a so-called "Marijuana Party" is the attendees laugh over who gets the last piece of pizza before everyone falls asleep. I could go on, and on, and on, and on for days.

    edit:::It seems as if I have read a whole lot of murders taking place this week on Grass City. Pretty disturbing.
  14. It's times like these I wish I was religious so I could say that your friend will burn in hell for all of eternity.
  15. so how bad is the guy hurt? attempted murder seems a lil harsh, i mean if the guy got really fucked up i can see it.
  16. Yeah, alcohol makes you do stupid shit but I guarantee that guy would've done the same thing or something equally stupid even if alcohol weren't involved.

    If you're an idiot, you're an idiot. Alcohol isn't going to change that.
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  17. Your friend Tony is one of the dumbest assholes it's ever been my misfortune to read about. The next time a drunk person tells you they have a good idea, I implore you....THINK!!!!!
  18. Most idiots just think of stupid shit in there head, alcohol just brings your idiotic ideas to life.
  19. he's doing ok, he was knocked out cold from the hit, he has some minor "road" rash if you'd call it that and the back of his head was split open about 2 - 3 inches, had a good amount of staples, they said he's lucky that the fall didn't break his skull open, he's awake and talking and is functioning normally, he said all he remembers was something wrapping around his leg and he looked down and that was it
  20. Yep. :cool:

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