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Friends, how do I spend my money?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MiddyTimmy, May 12, 2011.

  1. I'm selling an old iPhone that I had laying around for a while tomorrow for $200. What should I buy with the money I get....

    2 ounces of mid
    half ounce of dank
    longboard + quarter of dank
    ounce of mid + longboard
    Molino Hurricane precooler for my bong + Bud
    other precooler that you think I should get

    or wtf should I get with 200$$$

    just smoked a bowl of kief cant come to the right conclusion lol input please
  2. buy a golden bubbler.

    but honestly, i would go with the longboard and the ounce of middies. well if your gonna make some profit off of the ounce i would go for that, but if your just gonna smoke it all, i would get quarter of dank and the longboard.
  3. Half O of dank. Or take your girl on the best weekend of her life.
  4. Longboard and quarter of quality.
  5. Word word Im liking the responses also thinking of getting the magic flight launch box to be sneakier for smoking in my room + a quarrter of dank for it!
  6. longboards are for pussies...just sayin. get a skateboard
  7. If you get a vape definitely smoke the good. You hardly have to use any and you get zooted. SC has some wonderful weather though, nothing like cruising on the long board on a quality summer day.
  8. Yeah, well, skateboards are for degenerates.
  9. Maybe a longboard + magic flight launch box and no bud? Ewww nevermind lol gotta choose one or the other

    hey mellow out man come on
  10. spend your money on something that will last longer than weed!

  11. Im out of bud I want something to smoke on ya know?
  12. why by a long bored or a skatebored when you can buy a bike and launch your self down 15 sets. Lol jk. But I agree, I don't get the hole longboreding thing. There so overpriced, lol don't find it too fun sounding to skate down a hill lol, not exciting enof
  13. buy a 1/8th of dank then 30 5 dollar box meals from taco bell what more could you ask for
  14. Colon cancer from eating that shit.

  15. Longboarding is really fun especially if you have good weather and nice places to skate don't knock it til you try it

    LOL :smoke:
  16. If it was me I would buy a 1/4th of dank and save the rest for the something else, like when that week is gone, or maby you may want to go out and do something with friends and may need the money. Lol idk just what I would do

  17. yeah idk man I might try to do something really fun and get that quarter
  18. [quote name='MiddyTimmy']Longboarding is really fun especially if you have good weather and nice places to skate don't knock it til you try it

    I have tryed it, its not bad, kinda fun. I guess I'm kinda compairing it to bmx rideing tho, lol when your good at it nothing else compairs. But that's just me. Lol long bording is just not my thing.
  19. Buy some lights, seeds, soil, nutes. =)
  20. maybe if i didnt live with my mom at the moment lol

    E: out for the night check back tomorrow pce

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