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Friends Had A Bad High.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jayrobyn, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Last night, three of my friends came over to my house to smoke and just chill. We went to my cabin outside and smoked out of my bong (they have all smoked out of the bong before). One of my friends is a daily user like me, while the other two do it maybe once a week or less. We hot boxed the cabin and they all ate dinner at the same time. Things were good at first and all of my friends seemed really high (perhaps higher than i was at the time). Less then an hour later, one of my friends who doesn't smoke often began to feel sick and goes to bathroom and pukes. At the same time, my other friend who doesnt smoke as much starts having an out of control panic attack (like on the floor twitching and crying) both me and my friend who smokes on the daily felt fine and had to help them out. The one who was puking was calm but puked seven times, and the one who was having the panic attack was unstable and out of controll for over two hours (she takes meds for depression and anxiety and took them that day like usual). This has never happened before with either of them and I want to know what caused all this chaos.
  2. Sounds like they just smoked too much
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  3. I think the one who puked caused the other's panic attacks. Idk what made the one friend puke though.
  4. Agreed with the first poster - probably just smoked too much.
    If I hit a bong more than I should, I sometimes feel nauseous - and hot boxing in a cabin was probably just sensory overload for the guys.
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    I haven't smoked since 2006, and to be honest, I don't even know why I'm browsing this forum right now. But I digress.
    Your friend is suffering from anxiety and depression and is taking medication for it on a daily basis. You practically answered your own question. Her mental state is already "fragile" as it is, it should come as no surprise that smoking could suddenly trigger a panic attack. Hell, a lot of people who don't suffer from anxiety and depression have panic attacks from smoking. Sometimes it's just too much and your mind has trouble coping.
  7. Haha sounds like a fun night.
    But seriously, I've been through this before.  The only time this happened was when my friend and I smoked a half o in a sitting.  He started puking uncontrolably.  It was better within 3 hours, but he pissed me off because he puked in my car.
    My friend who smokes once a week (and has never ripped a bong) ripped my bong last week, puked, and fell asleep in his car until I woke him up and told him to, "go the fuck home".  He was good at 3 AM, honestly if you feel shitty just wait..
    On the other hand I have convinced myself that my heartbeat stopped on the left side of my body only after taking a 6 inch long snake dab. Good times.  
    Seriously, weed's your friend, just kick it and listen to music and shit becomes chill again.  
    PS I smoke EVERYDAY ALL DAY.  Some people just can't handle the quantity.  
  8. I think the one who puked got too much smoke in their stomach. Then the puking trigged a panic attack with the other one
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    Lord @ this thread. Depression and anxiety doesn't automatically cause panic attacks. Panic attacks are really rare even with people who have extreme versions of the conditions. And the feeling isn't even the same. I have panic attacks with heights. When I was younger, and was exposed to extreme heights, I would ball up and scream and cry - at like age 13. But there was no heart attack feeling, just a mind thing.
    But the bad highs I've had on weed have never been fear triggered, or even ever amounted to fear until by body was physically shaking so bad and my lungs were locking up so bad that I'd feel like I was dying. It was always a physical-then-mental thing. My explaination (and I'd believe this is more scientific) is that some strains just aren't meant for some people, it's nothing to do with getting too high.
    This is because CBD and THC obviously have different effects, and some brains react horribly to large amounts of CBD, some to THC, and some brains it's more of just other things in the plant, like possible contaminants or so. At least in my experience. Sure, mental state can attribute, but your friends aren't nuts, and like you said, they're already smokers and do fine with most weed. The weed you got them that night was not right for them.
    Also, with weed that isn't right for some people, sometimes it takes over-intake for the disagreement to show, but this is a sign that the person should find another strain. A good strain should agree with someone so much that they could smoke a pound of it and simply expeirence a cut-off of any further effects after the first gram or whatever. I smoked like 8 small bowls of a strain that once put in me in heaven on the first hit, and didn't really do much for the next 7. That's your brain loving the compounds and the strain merging with your biochemical levels so much that it gives you a great mindset, yet doesn't overload your brain with chemicals that get worse with further intake. To me, a good smoke is more like a balancer and not like a drug.
    My motto is if it's strong enough to you that it feels like heroin and that one more hit could send you off, then it's not the strain for you. You should feel your brain balancing when you smoke, it should give your brain the "Ahh" feeling, the giddiness, the relaxation. If it doesn't, then stop pretending like you like getting high - feeling just a dizzy sludgy mindnumbing haze only works well for folks who have more of a sexual attraction to the situation of getting high, imo. My theory is that with these strain types, that while they give a sludge-head feeling, the person's heightened natural excitement and sexual amplification at the thought of getting high overrides it and warps the sludgy high into something tolerable.
    That's how it was with a great strain I had once that aged after awhile. At first, it was a high energy party weed. Then, after aging, it turned into a sleepy weed (that still wasn't bad), but to stay awake on it, I really had to focus on sex or exciting situations, then it'd sort of override it and warp it into a funky, quirky, perverted high. But the people who don't really give a crap about "the experience of doing drugs", they have no reason to take a sludgy, heavy high, and turn it into a positive. People who aren't smoking it to pump up their popularity or to give themselves a false confidence boost at the thought of being "cool" for trying weed, these real smokers truly want an authentic "blissful" high. Being happy is the point of smoking, not "being cool enough to handle the effects of (bad) weed." And each person seems to require a different strain to find that true bliss.
    Just ugh, I hate sludge-head strains. They always lead to bad highs if you have too much intake imo.
  10. You are no longer a toking gnome.

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