Friends got busted.........

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The dOt, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. should have split the rolls and the percs. 5 each then ate a gram of bud each. then taken the paraphanelia and the weapon charge.... (not serious) Don't know what to tell you your friends don't sound very bright 1- being out at 4 in the morning 2- having 20 pills each pill being a serious felony on them 3- having a weapon them 4- They're extremely fucked to put it nicely.
  2. No matter how it went down, its still hard to loose 2 friends.

  3. 4:30ish-6am(week day) is actually not that bad least where i live you blend in with the morning traffic

    11:30-3am is when i see the most cops harrasing people
  4. They are sooooooooo fucked
  5. Should have eaten all that as soon as they saw red and blue. Of course I have gone through a OWI checkpoint with a few grams on me before.(scary as fuck)
  6. They can actually charge someone for a concealed weapon when they have a knife on them? Thats bull shit! I know a bazillion people who always have a swiss army knife with them.
  7. I could be wrong but i am pretty sure it has to do with the size and make of the knife(lock blade over 3 inches, butter fly knives, switch blades etc)
  8. honestly, your friends are fucking retarded. why would u smoke a blunt in public with that much stuff on you?

    let this be a lesson to you and everyone else on this forum. when you go on your blunt rides or a smoking in public try not to bring anything else so that in the event that a cop see's you or pulls you over u can ditch it (or eat it if its a roach) and don't have any other incriminating objects with you.

  9. why would the first guy even bring weed in his car knowing that a pig just passing by can pull him over any second for no license
  10. those pills are really gonna fuck them over.. you get in BIG trouble for rolls
  11. let threads die lol.

    anyway, why do people call percocet percies, there is no need to add the IES. i donno its just a pet peeve of mine, why not just say the damn name haha

    my pet peeve feathers have been ruffled the wrong way.
  12. they couldn't of eaten 10 rolls or percies without dying nothin they coulda done otherwise not be there in the firstgplace
  13. yea when your driving around late roll some j's or blunts for the ride and leave your stash at home just to be safe

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