Friends got busted.........

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The dOt, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So two of my friends last night around 4 0 clock got arrested:(

    One of them had 10 rolls on him, 2 percies, 2gs, a bubbler, was smokint a blunt WHEN he got pulled over, and had no license.......

    Next one had 10 percies on him, and a conceald weapon charge( he had a knife on him)

    There screwed
  2. 10 rolls, fucked.
  3. People have to realize that they have to be smart about it.
    If you're dumb about it, you get what you deserve.
    Keep your shit at home dummie.
  4. Uhhhhhh no shit.
  5. Lesson learned: Keep your things at home.
  6. When you bring a weapon[concealed for that matter] into the equation. The situation turns around completly. Not just non violent drug charges, but the potential to really hurt somebody(not saying either wanted to do that). Knives should be kept on the belt, then it isn't concealed
  7. +rep
    No sympathy for the stupid
  8. the only people out and about typically at 4 AM are drunk and or on drugs of some sort or just up to no good.
  9. ^^^QFT
    I heard a cop say "The only people out at this hour are cops, and crooks". If you are out at that hour EXPECT to get pulled over.
  10. any time i drive after midnight, i pretty much plan on getting pulled over. everyone should. will save ur ass maybe someday
  11. Damm all those drugs, how can u even handle a concealed weapon LOL
  12. Yeah i really dont know what they were thinking. The one with the rolls was already rollin. And the one with 10 percies was already on em also. So there pry guna get charged with being under the influence of drugs also.
  13. And one of them was also driving?
  14. sooooo true
  15. That weapon charge is bullshit I would be pissed I always carry a blade on me. Then again I wouldn't have gotten pulled over or had anything on me.
  16. Yeah i mean we hang with dealers and such. And we dont let anyone rob our boys. More the merrier
  17. Shit happens.
  18. Should have eaten it all really fast.

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