Friends Got Busted For Drinking At Party

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  1. My one friend had a party and one of my friends that was there told me it got busted for being too loud and they were all underage. He is 19 and wanted me to find out if that happening is going to affect him at all. He is going to school for criminal justice and wants to become a police officer. They took down everyones information at the party but didnt give any tickets or arrested any of them, but he is still worried something is going to happen.

    So my question is, will them taking his information for getting busted at a party being underage affect him in any way towards him becoming a police officer? He is 19.
  2. No tickets? Means no court date and no conviction.

    He's good.

  3. Thanks dude, really appreciate it. Again this IS NOT ME, my friend is just a very worrysome kid and i wanted to reassure him that he is fine. Because i didnt know if it would make him not be able to be a cop
  4. Np man I've been in situations before where they've taken info and nothing's ever happened. Only have to go to court if you get an appearance ticket.

  5. Not necessarily...I had a friend who had the cops roll through on his party last year. Nothing happened for 8 months, then BAM. Citation in the mail. Fuck that shit..
  6. there goes my input.
  7. If I was a cop and I wasn't going to write you a ticket,
    I would just pretend I'm taking your info when really I'm
    drawing like a hang man or something. Ha.
    It's funny to watch kids squirm.
  8. Okay so lets say he DOES get a citation. Does this mean he CANNOT be a police officer? Cause if so that really sucks, cause thats what he wanted to be, as well as the kids house it was also wanted to be a copl
  9. It's just a violation I'm pretty sure, it won't get in the way of any job really.
  10. Underage drinking violations dont go on your criminal record.

  11. Haha, that probably happens more often than we think :smoke:

  12. I don't think it'll be a problem even if he gets the citation. MIP or whatever he would get charged with is a slap on the wrist...
  13. Ahh the irony.

    Cant wait till he busts some kid who wanted to have a good future.

  14. No, the exact same thing happened to me when I was about 17 a few years ago. Cops rolled to my party, busted everyones nuts, took my information, called my parents, and bounced and told me I'm lucky for no tickets.

    No tickets, no arrests, no problems. His parents or whosever house it was will probably be contacted though if it wasn't his house.

    Cops know that it's best just to break the party up and make sure no one is hurt or driving drunk. They actually usually leave and don't ticket you to catch everyone with a DUI they just forced to drive home. They make much more money and protect the world more I guess?
  15. it really depends on the cop, my friends had the same thing happen, couple months later he called looking for info about an arson fire nearby. When they had no clue and couldn't help him he said sorry guys and dropped off their mip tickets.

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