Friends Glass Collection (56k beware)

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  1. There are 5 bongs, 2 bubblers, 6 spoon pipes, and a chillum that used to be a bong slide. A mason jar of dank, scales, and a eightball grinder.[​IMG]
  2. what a large collection of china glass. he could have saved the money he spent on that stuff and purchased a lesser amount of something he could be proud of. quality vs quanity.
  3. To each their own, man. Some people just like to have variety. :p
    I have like 30+ pieces that would probably be considered china glass, but I have a fuck ton of shit to choose from. ;)
    Sure, if I had saved all that money instead, I could probably have a nice name-brand bong and maybe a bubbler or something. But I like the selection I have.
    Besides, around here (and many other places) there really isn't a whole lot of "heady" or high-end glass. Some people don't like buying that kinda stuff off the internet. :confused_2:
  4. ignore him. he trolls threads.
  5. nice collection.

    but really, who would want 5-10 Kia's instead of 1 Porsche?
  6. both are crazy.
    "Dudes got 10 cars!!!!"
    "Dudes got a porche!!"
  7. im not sure wat you are warning 56k users about? there's only one picture..

    do people even use 56k anymore....? :confused:
  8. i'm a little baked but this thread is cracking me up! Just the idea of some guy having TEN different Kias in his garage, all in different colors, like hmm, what shitty ass car should I drive today? hahahaha
  9. how can so many stoners be such dicks? Where's the friendly love?

    nice collection blue bong looks awesome, alot of nice pipes!
  10. i wasn't trying to be a dick

    i was just merely pointing out the idea that who would want 10 Kia's when you could have 1 Porsche; im not dissing the collection, i just dont understand why someone would spend alot of money on alot of cheap stuff rather than alot of money on one NICE thing...
  11. then hendrix, the only thing i gotta say is youve gotta lot to learn about what appreciation means,, nothing against you. im trying to help show that sometimes people buy what THEY like.
    not what makes them look like they can afford a lot.
    like a friend of mine said on another thread,,,they saw a dude walk out of a headshop and get into a banged up car with a high end tube.
    its buying what you like. ya know?
    ive even been into a headshop that carries high end, and seen people purchase low end glass. nothing wrong with it,, another prime example of people buying what appeals to them,,and im sure that has been seen by other members on here.

  12. I found this comment to be hilarious. Is the one a home made or did he buy that jar/whiskey bong? I'm not being a dick i'm just wondering.
  13. ya i understand completely; if you like it, buy it! its just not me i guess.

    but regardless, on a better note; it is a HUGE collection with Bongs, Bubblers, and Drys, so props on diversity of smoking devices.:D

    sorry if anyone thought i was being a dick, i was not trying to be at all.

    peace to all
  14. It was a patron bong my buddy bought down in Florida.

    There is also a tiny RooR in the back, it's real too.
  15. i dont know why people dont like china glass. i have a few localy mad glass bongs spoons and bubbler(just 1) and i love them i have droped some and they didnt break i payed 35$$$ on the most expencive one (sorry for spelling) i love all the glass cuz a bongs a bong and a name is a name why pay 50 on something u could get for 12 but only if they are charging for the name. but im about to just type for ever so b4 i do i got to go. nice collection. and happy toking
  16. You're from Portland. Don't tell me there isn't a lot of high end glass. The Western Coast is essentially Pot Central in the US. There is plenty of good glass around Portland.
  17. Some people just feel the need to rag on people's cheaper bongs to justify spending more money on something that neither gets you higher, nor smokes any smoother, assuming you're comparing similar bongs of course.

    Sure the high end stuff may smoke better--less drag etc--and it may be made of less breakable materials, but honestly for the most part glass is glass. You knock over a quality bong, odds are it's going to be just as broken as a comparable cheap bong. So you can't always clear your bong in one hit, big deal!

    Also some people can't afford expensive bongs. When I bought my 26" triple perc I seriously considered buying a Roor, but for the same money I could only have gotten a small blue-label with much thinner glass.

    I mean sure, there are some Chinese pieces that are complete junk, my first bong shattered, and I'm still not sure how, but if you get something made of thick enough glass, it'll be as durable as you need it to be--they're bongs, not baseball bats enough.

  18. i see no roor.
  19. I think it's the one with the pink mouth piece/the one that needs to be cleaned badly :smoke:.

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