*Friends Funny Ideas While Stoned*

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  1. So we're hitting the bong packed with afghan kush earlier today in my buddy's backyard. We're staring at his new plants that just sprouted and he starts talking about how he jerked off in the one plant that looked the best of the bunch. He says that he thinks the sperm is absorbed by the roots and travels throughout the plant making it stronger and it makes for better bud. He says it with such seriousness it would convince anybody. I'm stoned so I start thinking about how it makes sense because of protein or something and it would probably make some sticky bud. I think it's funny cuz I'm stoned...I dunno....later haha
  2. Lmao, i love the stoned ideas, they sound so logical, that MIGHT work, not sure, there is protein in jiz..it might have a weird effect tho lol..
  3. There could be somethin to it, but what Im wondering is; so your buddy just walked in his backyard and started beatin it on his plant? lol :laughing::smoking:
  4. LOL no, I think he had them inside one night and in his stoned state thought that this idea would work. Things like this seem genius while high lol. We seriously thought we may have cum across some new growing techniques. ;)
  5. So I just found out that what he did was rub one out into those little shot glasses for cough medicine and then he drilled a hole to the root and poured it in. LOL I think it's hillarious that he put so much work into this idea. I hope it works somehow haha.
  6. this is where the term STICKY and ICKY come into play.
  7. So... he mated with the plant? Does that mean he fertilized the seeds?
    i wanna know how that one goes.
  8. Note to Self: Don't smoke that guy's weed.
  9. I hope it doesn't make as much sense as you think it does, because if that kind of thing gets out and growers around here start jizzing on their plants I'll just plain stop smoking.
  10. Lmao that reminds me of a thread on here a long time ago with someone asking if anyone elses dealer puts pubes in his bags to keep the bud fresher.
  11. HAHAHAHA that's hillarious
  12. I agree

    I agree more

  13. that would be funny if the nugs ended up lookin like him you know like a baby lol
  14. I just hope some dumbass doesn't read this and confuse it...

    GROWER: Well, here's your ten sack.
    BUYER: What..the..fuck is on my weed?
    GROWER: Oh, well I read on GC that if you jizz on the weed, it make's it more potent or something.
    BUYER: ...give me my money back asshole.
  15. Mutant weed child!!!:eek:
  16. haha rotflmao thats not really the kind of "sticky" I look for when purchasing my bud...hahaha.

  17. my friend is always fucking talking about robbing stores when hes high, its really annoying cause its every single time

  18. lmfao!!!!!
  19. I'm sure he's not the 1st person to have skeeted on his plants and it prolly does make the bud stronger with the protein
    but theres no way in hell you'll catch me smoking someones elses jizz
  20. Holy shit... This is the most hilarious thing ever. I don't know why. It just is. Scares the shit out of me though to think about smoking jizz.

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