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Friends first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by parcheesed, May 29, 2009.

  1. So about a month ago i smoked with my friend and it was his first time smoking. We split about an eighth of some really nice headies. Anywho after we were done smoking he started freaking out telling me that there was black spots everywhere and that the walls looked like they were breathing which i've heard happening when people do shrooms and such. So anyway my question is has anyone smoked to the point of seeing hallucinations like walls breathing?
  2. He's lying. Cannabis doesn't do that. Or, that's never happened to me, and I've smoked some crazy stuff. Who knows though? Everything could affect everyone differently.
  3. I guess he could of been lying but it didn't seem like it. but yeah i just thought it was really cool haha and was wondering if it was possible.
  4. actually you can hallucinate when enough cannabis is smoked.
    nothing like monster halucinations only minor like vivid colours and distored things
  5. i'm not lying
    i hallucinate all the time off of pot
    and i have friends that don't
    so i think its just certain people like myself
    i see so much shit its awesome
    but he might be lying but why would he?
  6. He smoked an 8th with you for his first time??!!

  7. That's what I'm saying! He was probably just tripping himself out, i doubt he was actually seeing that shit
  8. Haha yeah sounds like he smoked too much. Then started freaking himself out more and more as time went on w/o realizing it
  9. Sounds to me like he was just trying to be cool and "trip balls".

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