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  1. Haven't posted on GC too much lately. I've been feeling pretty good. I've made more closer friends who I can trust, and who are like me. I have a bowl of some pretty crystally bud that should get my ripped nicely tonight. I wanted to get some people opinions on a situation that happened with my friends. It will involve 2 friends and 1 girl. (You already know where this is going)
    Friend 1 = Bob
    Friend 2 = Mike
    Girl 1 = Sally
    (random names)
    Well these 3 people are in their senior year of high school, I've graduated, but we still hang out a lot.
    Bob was friends with sally for a while. Bob liked sally, but sally didn't really have feelings for bob. Sally is pretty hot. Bob introduced Mike to Sally a few days ago. Well Mike and Sally are dating, and Sally has spent the last few nights at Mike's parents house since she got kicked out of her house. Apparently Bob doesn't like this, because what I've heard from bob, mike, sally, and another close friend, Bob randomly walked up to Mike and punched him in the face (cheek). Bob is really skinny and kinda weak. Mike is pretty strong, and is one of those "likes to fight" type of guys, but some of our friends were able to cool him off, and surprisingly Mike was chill about it. He was mad, but kept his cool.
    Sally seems like a chill girl.
    Bob is kinda crazy :-/
    I've known Mike for a bit and he truly cares about this girl it seems like.

    However I don't feel that they should burn bridges from this, but I think bob overreacted.

    Just wanted to know your thoughts.

    if your comment is going to contain
    please don't leave a comment.

  2. Clearly Mike should beat his ass.
    But honestly fuck that bitch, chicks aren't that important to be fighting over.

    Without fuckin around, honestly Bob needs to stop acting like a bitch.
  3. keep your phone camera READY
  4. Fuk dat bitch
    LOL JK
    I would just go on being freinds with all of them and let them work their beef out. If YOU get involved YOU will burn bridges and YOU will lose freinds and YOU will be said and YOU will sit alone in a corner crying, lol but seriously see the connection?
  5. Talk to Bob, one on one. Be patient and understanding.
    What did he expect after he introduced Mike to her? Did he and Mike talk about his desire for her? If not than it was his Fu*k up. Had Mike been talking badly about Sally or lieing about banging her?

    Than smoke a bowl with Bob. Declare Buds over bitches and return to normal.:D:smoke:
  6. I was thinking of talking to bob. Mike really seems to like this girl for who she is. I don't think that sally ever liked bob, so I don't know if he expected she would never date anyone? :confused:
  7. High School:( sigh!!!
  8. dude that sucks. back in 10th grade, my 2 best friends at the time (the 3 of us all started blazing together sort of) just started hating each other. now in 12th grade, almost 2 years later, they still hate each other lol (and im still friends with and do drugs with both of them). sometimes shit like this just happens.
  9. Bros before hoes.
  10. either bob is really sensitive or he thinks the other guy is in it for the hump.since she sleeps at his house he definately thinks hes all about the hump. he needs to get over it though like really though..
  11. This is why girls will be extinct in about 10,000 years.
  12. fuk dat bitch, Mike shuda beat his @$$!!
  13. mike soulda wouped his ass and fuck that bitch .
  14. fuk dat bitch
  15. Mike should ... keep fucking dat bitch! Bob needs to find his on bitch.
  16. come on bro's, #1 posturing in the name of violence is totaly against the City rules and is juvenile as hell.
    #2 The man (Mike) knows that Bob is hurting on one level, give the big guy some props for not immediately kicking his butt. (This bowl is for Mike). :smoke:

    OK, I am back (and baked). Let Bob know Mike is head over heels. Remind him too that we will all likely be hurt a time or two, but another bro shouldn't fuck it up for another bro. :cool::smoke:

    Fuuuucccck, I am baked that took 10 minutes. :D

    edited to add - and I still got a chit load off typos. :rolleyes:
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    Disregard such female, and mike should have engaged in a physical confrontation incorporating his fanny.
  18. Make a video of you pounding Sally in the pooper and show it to both of your friends. That will piss both of them off, so they'll completely forget they were mad at each other and everyone lives happily ever after. The end.
  19. Fuck that bitch for the sake of their friendship..LMAO:cool:
  20. fuck dat bitch

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