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friends dad freaks out on me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by couchpotato942, May 18, 2010.

  1. ^this

    how hard is it to walk to the bathroom?
  2. If I was allowed to piss out a window I'd piss out a fucking window
  3. My dad can beat your dad up;).
  4. so did you pee on him or something? I mean.. use the fucking toilet first of all... but you did what you should have done and just got outta there. let the dude chill and he will probably feel stupid later about acting like such an asshole. Just dont go over to your friends house for a month or so...
  5. Go back to his house be like dude im sorry for pissing out ur window and if he doenst accept ur apology then offer him a free ticket for a golden shower

    Maybe he was mad cus u pissed on him out ur window and u just dont kno it
  6. Lmao. What did you expect. If i was someones father and some little dick friend of his was PISSING OUT MY WINDOW lmao i would do the same. You are crazy son if u were surprised that he was gonna react to u completely disrespecting his house, him, and his neighborhood
  7. Have I seen your spray on counter strike?

  8. I see no problem with pissing out a window, especially if its raining. Like seriously whats the big deal?
  9. It wasnt his house and his friend's dad saw OP's shaking his dick out the window, you cant just walk passed that without saying anything haha..
  10. No big deal...if you're a chimpanzee or baboon.
  11. so you guys i was letting my son drink with his friends and i was outside smoking a bowl. all the sudden i got pissed on. i went up stairs and threw the kid out.

  12. Yeah, me too lol.
  13. Out the window? I hate kids that piss out windows man i did the same thing yesterday when i let my son n his friends drink upstairs and i saw the dumbass kid pissin out the window, i just had to kill him
  14. There's elevators at the metro station by my pad, I used to piss in those everytime I went in them when I was younger and in my "rebellious" phaze.

    Looking back on it, I really consider myself a fucking idiot because in no way was that rebellious, peeing in an elevator is just vulgar to whoever has to come in next, but I guess I was mad because I didn't have a car and had to take the train.

    Bitch of it is years later if I decide to take the train for whatever reason now and I see a puddle on the floor of the elevator, I already know what's up. haha.

    Side note, I've actually seen a young kid (younger than 5) roll in one of those anonymous puddles, i had to choke down a laugh.
  15. What I was trying to say was.. The piss is going to end up in the same place either way (outside) and if there was nobody around I don't see a problem with it. Aside from the Dad, but that was just bad timing.

    And no, I didn't mean that you shouldn't use the bathroom I never implied or said that at all. Just because I have access to these things doesn't mean I have to be forced to use them.
  16. In YOUR house I would agree if you're the owner. Someone else's is another matter ;) I hear what you're saying though.
  17. all of you people who said that iw as completely in the wrong..your right, i shouldnt have been pissing out of his friends did let me however, and its like above the garage in a den so its not part of the real house, just the garage..still his property or w/e

    i wouldn't have even posted anything if he ahd just told me to leave and given me a few harsh words, but he just took it WAAAAY over the top snd honestly scared me, i didnt know if he would attack or not.

    i dont give a fuck if i was pissing onto his driveway...fuck gonig to piss in his truck

  18. well said sir
  19. Sometimes the late night gaming gets to you i mean i used to piss out my friends window he had the loudest stairs so we just used a window nothing wrong with that.
  20. You're a nob with no respect. i hope the guy rips you apart and feeds you to hes dogs.

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