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friends dad freaks out on me

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by couchpotato942, May 18, 2010.

  1. How would you react if you saw one of your kids friends pissing out of your window, lucky you didn't get a slap mate
  2. i don't think i want someone pissing out my window. but a lot of times when i drink me or friends will just piss off the porch.

    really, i'd rather my friends go outside than piss all over my bathroom floor.

    i live in the country so its not a big deal, you don't have to worry about people seeing you.

    one of my ex's wouldn't let guys use her bathroom if they were drinking, she told them to go outside. i thought it was pretty funny.
  3. hm i really dont think you needed to call him a douche bag, kinda makes you look like the douche bag, but whateva. did your friend let you piss out the window? lol. i have a buddy who lets people piss in his sink in his basement, and i only do that if im too hammed to walk up the stairs haha:wave:
  4. Use a fucking bathroom like a normal human being next time. Hell I'd have thrown you out too.
  5. fuckin friends and their parents :rolleyes:

    ive always hated having to deal with that. its like, i dont want to know your parents, ok?
  6. I agree with the posters saying they'd kick your ass if you pissed out the window..

    Maybe he's only okay with his own kids pissing out the window? Or, if he knows you do it when you're drunk, and he knows you weren't drunk.. So you were thinking straight and still pissed out the window?

    Or maybe he just forgot that he's cool with you pissing out the window.

    Be a man, take responsibility for your actions and apologize.
  7. hey how about using a bathroom next time, common courtesy....

    just because they have pee'd out of the window before doesn't mean it should be a normal routine. use the toilet that's what it's there for....

    but the dad was probably a lil too drunk....

    he most likely isn't gonna be mad if you apologize, so you and your friend can still hang out at his house...
  8. come on, its just a little piss. and it was raining.

    i mean to me it sounds like this guy was just being a beligerent drunken bully. assuming op isnt leaving out certain details, you dont just fuckin bully your kids friends like that. you can still put your foot down without acting that way.

    if it were me, and i dont care how big and scary he is, i would have stepped up to that motherfucker and said, hey, alrite, im leaving, but youd better shut that mouth, old man... before you get hurt.
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    If you said that to me in MY house you'd probably be carried out on a stretcher ;)

    The OP was plain wrong, period. Trying to justify it is just BS.

    EDIT: I wouldn't have been as belligerent as the old man though, but still. His house, his right to kick whoever he wants out.
  10. If someone pisses out of my window I'll leave them lieing in their own fucking puddle.

  11. then so be it. sounds like a lot of trouble for you over something very trivial. :D
  12. Eh like I said I wouldn't have been that beligerent about it. I would have thrown him out though.

    I was also kidding about the stretcher. You'd have to swing at me first. I don't fight over words, only in self defense or the defense of another ;)
  13. i know. :)

    i wonder how ops friend felt about this. . all that mustve been terribly embarassing for him.
  14. A few years back a boy who I knew was bad news was trying to court my daughter. I told him nicely that he wasn't allowed on my property. He took a swing...I'll leave the rest to the imagination of the reader.

    The Dad sounds like he's a real piece of work but it was still his house.
  15. Ive pissed from a 5th story window. a 7th story window. threw shit out the window.
    Pissed in the staircase, pissed between cars.

    Hit someone from a 6th story window with a cup of piss. miss the cup and it was by accident.

    Lol over in NYC, every building you go too smells like piss or shit. Espec the projects which take up most of the buildings in my area.

    Oh and the stories with no details i said was done when i was 10-12.

    Now i hold it in until i get home :D

    oh and to the OP- your friends father was drunk. fuck him and liquor. as long as your still friends with your friend then its cool.
  16. If I caught a friend of my kids pissing out of my window in my house, I wouldn't even of yelled, I'd bitchslap you out of the house so quick!

    What the hell.. can't you use a bathroom? Piss all over the carpet because you know you didn't make it all outside.

  17. it was the driveway.
  18. WTF :confused: .....have you ever heard of a toilet that was probably 10 ft from the door. guys are some lazy ass potheads. I mean if they knew you were drinking then what were you hiding?

    Hope you learned your lesson about peeing somewhere other than out a window.

    Good luck on your friendship with your boy. Hopefully dad was too drunk to remember. :cool:
  19. Haha, one time i was at my friend stevens crib with another friend pat, we had chiefed 4 bowls and drank a few beers then steven out of nowhere strips down and starts pissing in the garage. I was like, "What the fuck are you doing? I turn around instantly and yell about how fucked up that is. i chugged my beer then left. This was last november. I havnt talked to steven since..
  20. I find it hilarious that you piss out of a window AND you had the thought that "Your dad could beat up his dad".

    BTW, Where do you guys shit? The trash can?

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